c'est la moux pas la choux.



oh my, my, my, forgiveth me ladies and jelly beans! this give-a-way is from supahmommy not me. whew, that was a close one. at first, i didn't catch it. then i thought, i am going to have to go through my house looking for stuff to give away!! hey.....there's a thought....hmmmmm.....i'll get back to you on that. lol jo

This week's giveaway makes the bubonic plague blues go away!!! If I could fit into them , I'd be all over them.

Bring on the GIRLY cuteness. You will adore these. May I introduce to you:

A fabulous, one piece, unique, not so puffy, comfy tutu with legz topped off with girly designs to add some fun!

Their mission...

To get the tutus out of the dress up box and into the everyday wardrobe.
HOW CUTE????? Insane I tell you! Isanely cute! I cannot handle it!
Up for grabs for you and your girly one! One pair of CUPCAKE designed TutuLegz! Winner chooses in stock size!

Who created these goodies??

My kinds of girlz!

Who we are...Two inseparable sisters and best friends that love to do everything together! Anyone who knows us well, knows that we are always coming up with new ideas and this idea could not be more perfect for us...as little girls we were obsessed with tutus and now we are obsessed with designing them! We are so excited about our TutuLegz, we hope you find them as irresistible as we do!

I love my sis more than anything and I love seeing two savy sisters become a success. :) I have a set on the way and I intend to order a set for each of my other girls! I plan a picture shoot already!! I'm a planner!
Here are some more pics from the site!

Your head will spin at the cuteness factor and forcing you to pick a favorite will be a challenge.
I can hear the whining now!
" They're so cute.. I can't choose.. you can't make me ~d.. you just can't!!"


I'm on my blackberry as we speak. Driving 89 miles an hour to the Converse Store. ;) I think I just PASSED YOU!

I knew you'd love them.
I know you so well.
Maybe we should be sistah's too.
Give them some love. Hit up their site.
SIGN UP FOR THEIR " In the Know" subscription for extra entries!
Follow the rules and hey! Guess what?
Your peanut could be sporting this INSANELY CUTE Cupcake outfit on your next outing. She'll be a star! THE DETAILS: Contest Ends February 27TH at 12AM EST.
WInner will be announced at the bottom of this POST and in a seperate post. Winner will be contacted via email or blog by me.
YOu have 72 hours to claim your prize or another winner is chosen.

No boo hoos about it.


1. You must visit the TUTULEGZ SITE Snoop around. Tell me what you LOVE.
You must do this. Worth one entry. If you don't visit or comment about their site, I won't count any entries.
2. http://www.mommydaze.webs.com/ members are eligible for 15 extra entries.
3. Put my blog button on your blog; located on my sidebar. Let me know in the comment and - 20 extra entries.
4. Post the link / and contest information in a post on your blog: 30 Entries. . I will check.
5. No blog??? Email your friends and family the link for the contest : CC me supahmommy@comcast.net and it's worth 5 entries PER PERSON you email forward.
6. Follow my blog by clicking above with the rest of the koolaid followers. 15 entries additonal for any follower.
7. Twitter about it. Let me know. 15 entries
8. Facebook about it in your 'STATUS BAR' 15 entries
9. Subscribe to TUTULEGZ'S "In the Know" . 20 entries.
Make sure you tell me what you opted for if you chose additonal entries.
5 extra entries for anyone who TALLIES AND TOTAL'S their entries for me.
Your comment might look like this:
CUP- CAKE ME. I want every single one.
I'm a follower. 15
I have your button. 20
I posted on my own blog: check it out. ( provide link) 30
I am a mommydaze member. 15
I emailed and CC'd you. 25
I twittered ( link me up) 15
total plus one ( original entry) 121
plus 5 for tallying: 126
5 extra entries for anyone who TALLIES AND TOTAL'S their entries for me. GOOD LUCK!!



Why must they torment me? Why don't they just go away? Who invented them anyway? It has to be some guy with nothing better to do. It is not HORMONAL, I don't have any. I don't smoke. Check that off. I don't drink as much as a priest during communion. (sorry if your Catholic, I used to be, or still am, if you can ever get out of it!) So what gives? Why do some have to suffer the days of misery with a migraine? I have been at home now, off from work, which I love so much, I don't even call it that. I hang out with teenagers in a dorm. That is not work. It is fun. No...they did not give me the headache, when it gets rough, i just go to another room! lol, not really, it isn't that bad there. But really, just SHOOT me it would be less painful! I would rather give birth...the 18 years of the child at home would be so much less painful.

So...Okay, I call the doctor (neurologist) last week when it started. She never called me back. That was Wednesday. I called my regular doctor today, still nothing. I went to the ER over the weekend. They gave me and IV of some crap combination of motrin, zantac, and something for nausea. What the heck!!! Where are the narcotics??? Give me something to knock it out, people!! GEEZ!!! So...I just called the pharmacy and still nothing has been called in from either doctor as they had PROMISED! and now both frikking offices are closed AGAIN!! So another sleepness night with a frikking headache.....hey....where is the nyquil?


Something to make you Smile

Check out this Lady's Stuff!

Here is another give-a-way folks! And boy are they cutie patootie things too! Check it out here:

This Mom Can Shop

she is giving away some cute tights right now, but also on her sight, she has a ton of other contests going on. you have to go look! have fun!


ladies and jellies beans.......

announcing KIMBER P's 100th give-a-way!! please visit her bloggy to enter:


i for one, am guessing that inside the cute lil basket might be:
1. a puppy
2. a new 2009 car of our choice!
3. a brick of gold boullion!
4. a tall, dark, handsome gorgeous guy!!
5. a private jet to take such gorgeous guy, with gold and new car on nice vacation!! (with cute lil puppy for special effects!)

Guess what we have.....Another BLIZZARD!!

Yup...another hits eastern kentucky! we have at this typing, 5 inches and still falling. today it was 60*. tonight it started out raining, turned to slushy rain, then snow, by the time i left work, we had 3 inches, now it is 5 inches, and it is still falling. i walked my little weaner dog when i got home, and it was up to her neck. bless her short little legs. she didnt even want to poop. who would of seen it? where would it fall? poor lil baby....and her brother, the 6 month old shepherd mix that towers over her, laughed right at her. like....ha ha, you are buried up to your neck, ha ha. it came up to his ankles. how mean can puppy brothers be?

well, anyway...just thought i would stop by and give a weather update and say hi. off to bed now. see you all later. have a wonderful sunday. love, jo



"Be the change you want to see in the world."

"Nobody can hurt me without my permission."

"The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong."

"Whenever you are confronted with an opponent, conquer him with love."

"I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."

all quoted from Mahatma Gandhi

Do I Really Need To Post....

Why is it that I feel like I have to post something each day? I don't have something to say each day. I feel guilty. I read all these wonderful, creative, witty, inspiring blogs and they fill me with awe at what I would like to do with mine, but then I get here, and blaaaaaaaaah....nothing, nada, zilch. I am I bloggarly-challenged. I admit it. Now, is there a 12-step program for it? So, for all you lucky ones out there who just write and it just spills out of your mind and comes out, (Christine) gives thanks for that gift. It is hard for us who have to work extra hard to keep up with you who have "the gift". I will post when I have something interesting to say, and I pray that it will be funny, and it will amuse you! Now...boring as that was, let's start a new game.

You don't have to play, but if you decide, just send it back to me, I will start:
10 Things I Want To Change About Myself
It must start with the letter of the day of the week we are on

1. TIGHTEN upper arms & upper thighs
2. I would THINK more before I spoke
3. THIRST more for knowledge of the Bible, the desire is here, but the action is not
4. TACKLE everyday with passion, like it was my last
5. TALK more about my faith with others
6. TAKE with a grain of salt the worries of each day
7. To be more THANKFUL for what I have
8. To be THRIFTY with resources I am given
9. TIRELESSLY pray without ceasing, for cares of the world
10. To TASTE & TOUCH life each day as God gives me one more

OK, now it is your turn, so if you want to play, just send it back to me, since I started. Copy and paste into your blog and so on. K? Have fun! Jo


A Twisty Taste of Spring

for all my bloggies who have not heard from me in the last week: well i have been off line. we have experienced up close and personal a very fine taste of spring: A TWISTER! very rare in these parts. we live in a mountainy area, very rarely does it ever see funnel activity. we have had straight line winds. but no actual funnel clouds. well, i was at work at our school last monday. we had a big storm come through the area. one touched down just above our school on the ridge. our school sits in a little valley surrounded by three sides of mountains. on one hill, we have houses and the farm, just across the river. this is where the tornado touched down. it is not even a mile from where we were. i had all my girls huddled in the cafeteria, it is partly underground. the boys are on the hill in their dorm. they huddled in their hallways on the floor. all we have is the weather station and our radios to relay to each other. good grief....it was supper time, we were all getting ready to go to the dining hall when it hit. so any way...it all lasted maybe 30-45 minutes. i actually live 4 miles away from the campus. on my little road, 5 trees were down. some of the men had to go with a chain saw and remove them before we could get home later that night. anyway...the campus had debris all over, no one got hurt. just trees down. oh...except i had no phone, cable or internet for the last week. oh well, when you look at all the crap in life, this is but a small thing. life goes on. God bless you all. jo


Finally, feels like SPRING

Well it is about time! We had a warm day yesterday, and looks like today will be another!! YES! It should make it 70* today. Wow....Can you believe just a few short days ago I posted about a snow storm? And today, as well as the next few at least, (hey, I will take what I can get!) it is supposed to be seasonably warm. Thank you, God for wonderful weather! What a wonderful way to pick up the winter blahs, mine being the second and third time being sick this season! Other than that, it hasn't been that bad, really. So, for those who have the privilege of enjoying warmer temps, get out there, go for a walk, get your hands dirty, play in the dirt, clean up the yard, wash the car, do whatever you like, just GET OUT!! It's nice and warm, don't waste it on being inside. Winter is enough for time for that. Enjoy!! Jo

Top Ten Things I Like, Oh boy, this will be fun

ok, so i have to make a list of my favorite things beginning with the letter "D". so here we go:

10. dogs, more specifically, DACHSHUNDS!! lol they are long, low, lean, lickable,(them, not me) adorable, of course they have the puppy breath when they are little, they are so cuddly, they love to burrow under the covers in the bed, they follow you everywhere, they are loyal....need i go on?

9. derriere's: i love butts. i like looking at guys butts. i like baby butts. mostly guys butts. just looking at. not naked, cuz lets face it, a guys butt naked and hairy isn't all that cute, but in the right pair of jeans or nice dress pants, oh, man you could just grab them and ....well....get the picture?

8. dreaming: anytime, anyplace, i can just float off into another dimension or era, that is why i love to read so much. it transports me there for hours. i love it.

7. dozing: yup...i can sleep for hours on end. it can be a regular night sleep, and i will snooze for 12 hours, not think anything about it, and sometimes your body just needs that! go for it!

6. drinking: no i am not an alcoholic, but i do love a beer now and then, i love the taste of it. my fave is corona with a wedge of lime, and a titch of sea salt. mmmm...

5. my DELL: ha ha! i had to get it in here some how on the list!! my computer is a BIG part of my life. it is a dell, by the way, so i did not lie. where would we be without our puters?

4. Dennis: he is my favorite brother, my one and only! i love him. we were very close growing up, and he is a twin with my sister. they aren't as close. he recently had open heart surgery last year. we went there this last Christmas, and we are even closer. my best bubba. :~)

3. driving: i can drive for hours and hours. i used to drive 18 wheelers, and the best part was just going to new places and the peace you got just being on the road. i enjoy that.

2. dining: eating, yummy...either in the house or at a restaurant. i love to eat. any or all kinds of foods. junks, candy, gourmet, everything. yup...i'm one of them.

1. daddies: my husband, the father of my kids, my father, my father-in-law, my grandfather, etc. on up the line..... but most importantly, the BIG DADDY OF THEM ALL, God the Father. I love Him the most.

there you go ladies and jelly beans, my top ten fave list. i had fun, it took me a lot longer than planned to make it. but it makes you take stock in what is big in your life. i had a good time. jo


Happy Birthday Mom

today would of been my mother's 90th birthday had she been alive. she was a wonderful mother, full of life, passion, a zest for living like no other. she could make anything out of nothing, and feed us all for a long time with it. her ingenuity got her far in rearing the four of us children alone. she was a very brave and also prideful person. i think that may of hurt her some, but she did with what she had. i loved her more for that. i miss her so much on these days. memories flood my mind. i miss our talks, our laughs, and yes, our arguments, we had some of those too. we disagreed on plenty of things. but in the important ones, we agreed on. we loved each other. we were family. we are all we had. but my heart is warm when i think of her. i will keep her there always. until we meet again, ma petite maman, je t'aime, ta plus jeune, jojo


funny puppies

i am dedicating this to my sister C, (christine) and her lady "di". they have a boxer named bella. she is just too cute. so, here, enjoy....and then there is one in there that is a kentucky boxer wanna-be....LOL!


are you kidding me? you really thought i meant that i was pregnant at my age? you silly blogger, what are you drinking? i'm having company come from italy, of course!! didn't you know that is what i meant? my baby of 24 and her baby of 10 months, she will kill me if she knew i called her that, is coming for a month in march. jennifer is my daughter, molly is my grand daughter. they will stay here for the month. molly will turn one either while she is here or a few days just before she gets here. one of the cute things they have done as you can see by the pictures is, they started calling her molly moo~moo. so people started giving her cow things. well they just continued the theme and it grew. now she is MOO everything. so, i dedicate this blog to my moo~moo molly, in her honor of just being the cutest cow. now, don't get me wrong, i love my other two grands just as much, jordan is my "lady~bug, and samuel has not gotten his label yet. but it will come! along with his blog. for now....rest assured, i must go clean and prepare my humble home for a toddler and her mommy the inspector. lol so all you grannies out there, grab up the babies and squeeze them and kiss them all since i can't, but watch out, when march gets here, or when i go down to knoxville to see my other two....there will be some major baby eating done. LOL jo I HAVE KISSES AND I AM NOT AFRAID TO USE THEM!!


Still Snowing....

It is still snowing and blowing out side. someone must of turned the snow and wind on and forgot about us! they closed offices down today in town. cancelled my dental appointment. oh well. i still have to go to work at the school. kids don't get called off. they live there. so, i will go get dressed in my longies and will let you all know when they decide to turn the snow off in our part of kentucky! lol we are up to 4 inches, which is almost disaster state now. lol no really, they don't know how to act with 1 inch, so...stay tuned my friends. jo


Winter Scenes

Enjoy these lovely scenes, keep warm, snuggle up, drink tea, watch a movie, take a hot bath, light the fire...mmm.....jo

Yeah...Another Blizzard!!

Snowflakes, snowflakes all around, swirling, traipsing to the ground. Mr. Winter I thought you'd gone, but here you are again on my lawn!

Well, really I didn't think he had left for good. I knew he would be back. But I didn't think he would leave me all this snow. I do love snow. But please, we had a few nice days, and I thought spring might be near. I knew we would get some more cold days, but not more snow! Especially not 2-3 inches! (ok, those of you in the midwest and north are laughing) but in southeast Kentucky that is a lot. It just is not heard of in these parts. Originally from upstate NY, I can handle it. It is all the other people I have to deal with when on the roads. Luckily, I only go into "town" every other week. That is 17 miles from where I live. Out in the woods. So...but I do have a dental tomorrow...oh joy...Mr. Winter...you have not beaten me yet! I have 4 wheel drive and I know how to use it! Jo ;)


Babies, Babies, Babies...never enough to eat!

all right...call me crazy, but i think that i am so blessed to have three of the most beautiful grandbabies in the whole world! my problem is they don't live close enough for me to enjoy all the time! i have one in italy, they should be coming back this year, and the other two live 3 hours away! what's a nonna to do? this is how i get my baby fixes. i impose them all on you poor people in my blogs and facebook entries, i try to scrapbook, i big gobs of pics to work with me. when i bring my laptop, people RUN, they know i have literally thousands of pictures and video clips of my babies. there is nothing more boring to another than looking at someone elses baby or grandbaby pictures!! don't get me wrong, 3-4 yeah, but a book full? so...my reason for this, and i had one, because i just spent 2 days since i was sick anyway, making a power point of one of the babies, (yes, i know, i need a life) and just showed it to my dear husband, who by the way is related to the little darling, and he was not even phased by it at all! well, it is a one year present, for the mom, our daughter....i told him. since she gave birth to our grand daughter, who will be one, i made a presentation of "a year in the life of molly". all that work , put to music, synchronized perfectly, and pffft, nothing, no response. MEN!! well, i still have my grandbabies, and i would love to nibble on them. but as i am sick, and he is watching the superbowl, i will cuddle the dachshund, and curl up in my bed with a cup of cocoa. g'night all you bloggers. keep warm, stay well. jo

Feeling a Bit Rough

Well, I have it again. And again, on my 3 day break. I can not believe that I have the darn crud AGAIN, not only on my 3 days off, but this whole last week leading to them! I feel so crappy, like I got run over by a semi. Achy, stuffy head, sinus, full ears where you can feel the liquid in them, fever....need I say any more? Geez, I have been taking benadryl, sudafed, tylenol and every homeopath friends tell me about. Zicam is like water for me. I can take 2 benadryls, nothing. My immune system must be lacking in something. This is probably my third one of the season. And I have had my flu shot! What gives? C'mon, I just wanted to stay home and clean and do junk around the house. Give me a frikkin' break! Wait!!! I don't mean that! I may end up actually breaking something! ;) Anyhoo, if that was not bad enough, as I was flossing my teeth, I pulled 2 crowns out!! So, now I get to not only go to the Dr. on my day off, but a trip to my dentist as well. Fun, fun. Sucks to be me. My one good thing I am looking forward to? The bean soup recipe I got from a fellow blogger, thanks again Ruth, I will let you all know how it turns out. The rest of you...thanks for letting me vent. It may bring the fever down. :/ Jo