c'est la moux pas la choux.


More Company's Coming....Yeah!!!

My middle sister Denise and two of her kids will be arriving in a week.  I am very excited for her to come.  She is driving from Omaha, NE.  So it will be a loooooooong ride with her kiddoes.   Hope she is patient.  It takes just about 24 hours.  That is if you drive it straight.  

 This was when I got my nose pierced and they made fun of it!!! My sister Denise and her daughter Lily.  The one that is coming out to see me!

 Here is Emily, Chris' daughter, Christopher her son, my brother Dennis who is a twin with Denise (in yellow with doggy) and also Nicholas Christine's oldest son.  This was while she was in the hospital during her heart surgery.  My brother had come up from Texas.  
 Emily and Nicholas and Denise at her house in Omaha.  

 Christopher, Emily and Charlie at Denise''s house on Mothers Day.  

Charlie and Lily (from the top picture) are coming along with Niece, to make sure she is a good girlie on the trip!!  ha ha  Charlie will help drive, Lily will navigate and poor lil Niece will be biting her nails in the back seat!!!  NOT!!  Anyway, they leave Wednesday to come here and I can't wait.  Wishing my other sissy could come too.  But I know she has cardiac rehab, and she would never survive the trip and all the shopping and stress of it all.   Poor lil toone.  We will have a special trip just us, very soon.  You will see.   

Anyhooopsss,  I gotta go.  Someone has to go enjoy this nice weather.  There is a pool no one is floating in.   Gotta go give it some attention.