c'est la moux pas la choux.


Anticipation.....just like the song!

Well, I am greatly anticipating our feast for Thanksgiblets Day! My husband is frying a turkey injected with wonderful spices and herbs. We have done this several times, and it is definitely a different kind of bird. But it is very tasty and moist, and such a wonderful flavor.

Then I will make my potato and bacon stuffing, though it wont go in the bird, it will still be awesome. I also will have a sweet potato casserole, it is more like a souffle, it has eggs in it and it is very light and fluffy. Topped with a crumble of pecans and brown sugar and cinnamon, it is sure to please even the in-laws. I have a recipe for home made rolls, that will depend on the kind of day we have, if it is too humid out, they dont puff up as good. So, parkerhouse rolls for a back up...just in case.

And what would the holiday be without green bean casserole? My version has mushrooms and onions in the mix, and then of course, the crunchy fried onion topping....my favorite part!

Along with the usual mashed potatoes.....freshly whipped with REAL butter, not the fake kind that some peeps use. That stuff will kill you! Not only that, it tastes like poop!

My hunny is also making his specialty....sweet potato pie for dessert. And I will have some banana nut bread, and what we call the "green stuff" which is watergate salad. Why it has that name, I dont know....but its made with pistachio pudding, pineapple, marshmallows, yummy....I cant wait!

And we must not forget the gravy....I have a wonderful recipe for gravy that we use every year....starting with a roux....then adding stock to it...you really cant mess this one up!

So....ours is going to be a very simple, basic meal....just for us. We dont have any peeps coming to enjoy it with us, but we will sure pig out! So, what is on the menu for you guys? Let me know...and maybe I may have to indulge in one of your delicacies!


What a nice wonderful autumn day....

Today has been such a wonderful Autumn day...I just had to write about it! The sun is shining, the leaves are blowing, just enough chill in the air not to be too cold, it is just perfect. At night you can smell people burning wood in their fireplaces....it is a joy to go out in. This is my favorite time of year...when you start planning your holiday meals and activities. It puts you in the mood to start preparing for decorations for Christmas. I also enjoy cooking more in the fall and winter. For some reason, when it is cold out, and your cooking inside, it gives you a good sense of security and comfort like no other. Yes, we have had a lot of rain, but our area usually does. It has not been so excessive yet.

So what do we have planned for the holidays? My daughter and her family are moving back to the states in a week. They will go to his parents in Vermont. They will be here for Christmas though, and I am thankful for that. I wish my son and his family would be able to come also....that would make it so perfect. They just came in September so I doubt that will happen. We will have time for a reunion of sorts in the near future, I am sure. My daughter also just found out she is pregnant! In July, I will be a 4th time Nonna! I'm so excited for them. There is nothing like being a gramma in this whole crazy world!!

Why dont you share what your plans are for the holidays? I love to hear other's plans, this will also give me ideas! LOL! Have any special recipes you would like to share, or traditions? For my family, we usually have a midnight feast called a "Reveillon" which includes going to midnight services, usually candlelight, and then returning to the house for "tourtiere" which is a meat pie, "tarte au sucre" sounds really rich but is actually a sugar pie, tastes like pecan pie without the pecans! "Cretons" would also be served....that is a pork meat spread that you put on toast or crackers, usually with mustard. There are other little things, but those are the main ones. These Canadian traditions from my mom's family have been part of ours for every Christmas I can remember. After we have feasted, well by then it is actually Christmas, so we would open presents. This we did when our children were young. Now we just wait until we wake up from our late night.

So....now it is your turn...what are you planning as we begin to anticipate the holidays?


My poor lil sissy, broken again!!

OK, a few pics to make u laugh and stop thinking of that throbbing pain in the arm! Now, who put sooo much salt in my beer that I had to resort to this? And who took this perverse picture anyway? And why?
A nice whole week of festivities planned...we had such a good time, the laughs were just beginning, from Niece's strays that keep coming to her house......
To Dennis farting and almost making Niece throw up, by the way, look at his innocent expression!
To me and you having a lazy, breezy day on the water in your pool.....
to Molly getting all dressed up for her auntie gramma toone.....
and again, looking ever so darling, she kind of looks like u here, when u were this age...
And then there is me and moo sitting watching Gilmore girls with Choux. Wishing u were there, it would of been more fun.

Well, most of u know my sister, Christine, as C on her blog, Midwestern Mama with a New York Heart. She had another fall at work and broke her arm, the upper bone, which is the same side she damaged last time. She is in alot of pain, and will definitely need lots of prayers and love from her bloggy buds. She will be out of work for another few months. Please send her lots of bloggy love and support. I cant be there to help, I take care of my husbands parents with him. But luckily she has wonderful friends and family nearby to help.

Toone, I love u and want u to know that if I could be there I would. You are a strong and resilient person and I know that u will bounce, (not too hard now!) right back to ur ole self again. And if I know u, you will make a funny story out of all of this. It will be hard for u to type, but Di is there, I am sure she would do the honors for u, if u dictate. I KNOW u are good at that! lol i love u and pray for quick healing....je t'aime avec tout mon coeur!


Well, Fall is Arriving, but not fast enough!

These leaves are soooo fun to play in! Wish my mommy would roll in it with me....
OK, everyone....kisses....ok, that is a group hug and kiss!
MO-o-o-o-o-o-m!!! I'm not even a dog anymore!
And last but certainly not least....my love for the breed, NO, I didnt do this...but i appreciate it!!

I want to go outside and rake leaves.....then jump in the big pile! I want to go for walks with my lil morgie, but I want to put her sweater on...so all the other doggies will envy her....I want to sit on the porch, curled up with a good book and quilt, sipping on hot cocoa, BUT WHEN IT IS 70* OUT, HOW THE HECK IS THAT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN? It is November, it should be cold by now...not being bit by mosquitoes, or sweating walking to take the trash out, or still having to mow the grass! Those are summertime things....I want a do-over for my fall time! Puh-leeese, Lord, send me some cold weather to enjoy this time of year!


Hoping you had a really nice night

Let me know if u had fun, email me at my yahoooooo, i will be up late here...k? love u!


SO...IT IS SOMEONE'S BIRTHDAY...give u a hint, she is my fave sissy!

all the party goer's starting with non and jess, my lovely son and wife!
lil morgie porgie puddin and pie, kissed the bella, and made her cry!
choux, matty and moo, we were waiting in line for trunk or treat!
ur lil sam sam, u never met yet!
nor have u met the 1st grandbaby, my lil jordan!
and who are these two cute peeps? and why is he pinching me cheeks?
ahhh, the beautiful di, making all things happen!
and would it be a party without the bella of the ball?
the two handsome boys...sneaky as they r, they dont tell a word...
the niece and her lovely fam, will be hosting the big event!
ur oldest baby, our lil nic nac and josh!
the two lil twins in the middle, no party would be complete without them!
your lil emmy and jujubee, and d, they will be attending also...
the rest of the gang....silly as they r!
us staying up most of the night, blogging, eating...watching movies!! unfortunately di passes out on the couch, silly girl!

yup, me oldest sissy will be 54 on saturday! happy birthday to you! i looooooove you! i wish i was therrrrrrrre, to play in your hair!!!! lol just a lil jingle for u on your special day. ok....so this is the plan, k?

1st, we get up and cook your favorites of foods...me and di....then we deliver it to u in bed, so u will be all nice and warm and comfy under the duvet...then u go and get ur shower, cuz u have that early morning funk...even tho its ur special day, u shouldnt be stinky. so then you get all dolled up, dont take much cuz u is already there, ma baby!!

ok, so then, u let me drive the new car while u and di sit in the back seat, holding ur lil hands, cuz u do cute stuff like that all the time. i wont make u carsick, i promise. we are off to ur fave place...THE CASINO!! yup and u get $100 free dollars to blow there, cuz im generous like that when its not real money. k? SURPRISE!!! nicnac and niece and emily meet us there for a nice lunch of all u can eat seafood buffet. and then here they come...the whole waitstaff comes out singing to u!! u are all cute and trying to be embarrassed but u know u love it! they bring a flaming (cuz u are a lil gay!) dessert to u, and u, of course, love every divine decadent morsel! as we watch and drool, u finish it off, and then we go back and play some more on the machines. VOILA!!! u win a birthday jackpot! wow! 1,500 buck-a-roos! now what will u do with that? we have to get u out of there fast, cuz u know how u like to RE-PLAY ur winnings. so, we head off to the mall.

we visit some of ur favorite haunts...like the kitchen store, the book store, and then we go to see the pets and buy bella a nice toy. she loves surprises too!

ok, so after a hard day of shopping and gambling and eating...we have to decide what we want to do for dinner. cuz it is still ur birthday...so we go hang out at the bucks house for a bit while we decide. when we get there, OMG!!! it is a surprise birthday party!! now who would of done that? i dunno...beat me if u will, u know i love it! all ur friends from work and neighbors and family r there. we have a nice bar going....all of ur faves...u choose a buttery nipple to start....it only takes a couple and u and di are swaying to the music...not too fast, u may throw-up!!

k, so now we are ready to eat...niece's nice neighbor the caterer delivers a scrumtious steak, grilled to perfection, with all the fixins.....some nice music, all ur faves of course, a nice cool chilly night...friends, family, all the pets...lol! by this time u r getting a wee bit on the tired side, after all, u r a half century old + 4!! so u will need to turn in....but not without one more surprise....me and di spent all night friday night cleaning out the jacuzzi. it is filled and ready for u and ur lady! so i make u a nice glass of wine, turn on some special etheridge tunes...and let u both take it from there. meanwhile...i will be in the kitchen cleaning, and making myself a bit comfy on the couch watching the food channel, cuz thats what i do...sipping on some amaretto i brought from italy...very smooth, by the way...

and of course, when u and di are done soaking in the chill of the night, u sneak in and head to your lil boudoir, the both of u, and i dont even want to think about what will happen in there....ewwww. i have a visual!! nothing like picturing ur sis, ehhhh, get it out of there!! so...this is your wonderful day...filled with all your fave peeps and foods and fun, all that u could every want...and a little cash to boot!! so, enjoy me lil sissy, wish i was there to make it all come true. but i am sure that there will be a wonderful time to be had, even if i cant make it. i wish it was different, and we could all be together. it would be some much fun. i love you with all my heart...and may u have a wonderful and blessed day!! let me know how it goes...smooches and huggies!