c'est la moux pas la choux.



Ok, so the day before we left, our truck shows 4 dummy lights! Like we needed to have this added to the never-ending list of tasks already to finish as we are loading the moving truck! so off i go to the ford dealership. they want to keep the truck overnight. i told them they couldn't because we were leaving the next morning. they promised me they would have it finished by 10 am. but...i needed the vehicle to put all the stuff in that we would use for traveling. i guess i would make due, somehow. more on that bit later. then the car that i borrowed to follow me out there in, well, once we dropped the truck off, we went to walmart, and it starts smoking in the parking lot. so we pull over and raise the hood. there's a busted radiator hose. so we are stuck an hour away from home with someone else's car, and much packing yet to do. i call my knight in shining armour and tell him. he calls someone to come get us. i feel really guilty leaving the "borrowed and broken" car there, so i call the owner. she laughs. but, i dont want to leave her stranded, so when our ride gets there, we drive the busted car across the road to advance auto. they tell us, it is against their policy, but they could "fix it on the side." so our ride leaves, poor guy, came out for nothing! anyway...we made it home after 5 hours, tired, hungry, and a bit peeved. and when i got there, i STILL had to finish the packing that needed doing.

the next day, we didnt have our truck, remember. the things we wanted to pack in our truck for the trip...stuff for the hotel, etc. got packed in the moving truck until we got to the dealer. once we got to the dealer, we decided, hey...we can just leave it in the moving truck, this will make for a lighter load in the explorer, right? or so i thought. i had the baby and the dog with me in explorer. my daughter and my husband were in the moving truck. they, bless their anal little hearts, decided to get up at 4am to get a head start, unbeknownst to me, and left ahead WITH ALL THE STUFF I NEEDED!! so they get to the storage unit in NC at the other end, about 6 hours before i get there, and because my stuff was last in, it is FIRST in the storage unit!! now i have 2 pairs of shoes to my name! both crocs! bright orange and red! the rest in storage until they get them back out! and one bra! don't know what or where they went, i had more, now they are gone. i had like 6, and think i left a trail of them along the way...so if you find some along I-40, they're mine!

anyway, we got here safely, other than those few minor hiccups. thank you all for your kind words and prayers. i really do appreciate you all. we are now concentrating on getting a place or renovating/adding on to my in-laws home. and also getting my husband a job. please keep us in your continued prayers. more updates to follow! Jo