c'est la moux pas la choux.


ladies and jellies beans.......

announcing KIMBER P's 100th give-a-way!! please visit her bloggy to enter:


i for one, am guessing that inside the cute lil basket might be:
1. a puppy
2. a new 2009 car of our choice!
3. a brick of gold boullion!
4. a tall, dark, handsome gorgeous guy!!
5. a private jet to take such gorgeous guy, with gold and new car on nice vacation!! (with cute lil puppy for special effects!)

Guess what we have.....Another BLIZZARD!!

Yup...another hits eastern kentucky! we have at this typing, 5 inches and still falling. today it was 60*. tonight it started out raining, turned to slushy rain, then snow, by the time i left work, we had 3 inches, now it is 5 inches, and it is still falling. i walked my little weaner dog when i got home, and it was up to her neck. bless her short little legs. she didnt even want to poop. who would of seen it? where would it fall? poor lil baby....and her brother, the 6 month old shepherd mix that towers over her, laughed right at her. like....ha ha, you are buried up to your neck, ha ha. it came up to his ankles. how mean can puppy brothers be?

well, anyway...just thought i would stop by and give a weather update and say hi. off to bed now. see you all later. have a wonderful sunday. love, jo