c'est la moux pas la choux.


Finally, feels like SPRING

Well it is about time! We had a warm day yesterday, and looks like today will be another!! YES! It should make it 70* today. Wow....Can you believe just a few short days ago I posted about a snow storm? And today, as well as the next few at least, (hey, I will take what I can get!) it is supposed to be seasonably warm. Thank you, God for wonderful weather! What a wonderful way to pick up the winter blahs, mine being the second and third time being sick this season! Other than that, it hasn't been that bad, really. So, for those who have the privilege of enjoying warmer temps, get out there, go for a walk, get your hands dirty, play in the dirt, clean up the yard, wash the car, do whatever you like, just GET OUT!! It's nice and warm, don't waste it on being inside. Winter is enough for time for that. Enjoy!! Jo

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