c'est la moux pas la choux.


Going to See Elmo LIVE!!! and the farm too...

Roseanne, Matt's mom, and Molly in Boston, going to see the Elmo Live!
At the Farm before Elmo, looking and touching the live baby chicks, without the sauce to dip them in!! NO they are not chicky nuggets...moo!
OK, grammie, molly is putting lips on you, make your mouth like this.....
Jin and moux just before Elmo Live started.....I wanna go! I took mine to see Sesame Street Live when they were little, and she is wearing a Sesame Street shirt...weird..
Molly holding her "Boon" ! Its bigger than her!
Check out my tonsils....can you see my intestines too?
Signing a card for daddy....thinking really hard about what to say....
Me being just a cute lil dolly, as usual....need I say more?
OOOoooops, did I have this pic in here already?
Awwww, a baby chicken, nugget.....
These are my mommies red shoes.....she calls them her ruby slippers, daddy calls them something else, I like them to wear around the house, daddy likes mommy to wear them for special occasions too.

Well, i just had to post these cute lil pics of my Molly magoo...my daughter sent them, and of course...i post them as quick as i can. i dont get as many pics of my other two that live here, even tho i see them every few days...just cuz they live here, i guess. but i will post them also...they are just as cute. and they do the cutest stuff too. we will be going to the beach with them soon. so i will have beach pics....we had planned on going when jin was here, but it was just getting warm enough, and when it was hot enough, that was the weekend her hubby came down....so we will make an effort to go one of these weekdays....it is so nice right now...i could be basking in the sun as we speak....soaking up some of those magical rays....warming me bones...i may just have to pack up and go....i went the other day, suit on, had a dr. appt. and packed me a lunch, had the chair and umbrella, book and cooler, drinks and all in the truck. got to the beach it was 58 degrees. i ate my lunch in the truck with the heat on....lol. read my book for about 30 minutes.... then went home. it is only like 20 minutes to the beach. but i wanted so much to just lay out there and soak up the heat of the sand and sun...i will make a date...and keep it this time...


Recipe for Gramma"s Potato Salad and Coleslaw

Inquiring minds wanted to know how I made my mother-in-laws home made potato salad and her coleslaw. So the following are her recipes for those who care to try them. They are the best that I have ever eaten. And not because I am related...I have eaten foods all over the world...and believe me, I am very particular. They are very easy and simple ingredients.

Potato Salad

6-8 medium size potatoes, cooked to firm, not mushy (whatever kind you like, i like yukon gold)
1/2 a small red onion minced
1 tsp sweet relish, plus more of the juice of the relish
4 eggs, hard boiled, cooled, then peeled
1 1/2 - 2 cups of miracle whip (depends on how wet you like your salad)
salt and pepper to taste

ok, to start, i cut all my potatoes into little square pieces. make sure they are good and cool. add a little salt and pepper. i add the minced red onions to the potatoes. set them aside. then i take a grater. i grate my 4 eggs on the smallest holes, the whites and yokes, into a separate bowl. when this is done, i salt and pepper the eggs. i then add the 1 tsp. of sweet relish plus about another tsp or two of just the juice to the egg mixture. i add half the miracle whip to the egg mix and stir it around. it should be the consistency of a loose pudding...if not add more miracle whip. taste it, if it is not sweet enough, add more relish juice. a tsp at a time. you may also need to adjust the salt and pepper. when you get this where you want it, add the egg mix to the potatoes. remember, the potatoes will absorb some of the "liquid" of the egg mixture. so make sure it is plenty wet. you don't want a dry potato salad. i would make sure it has at least a 30 minute to an hour in the fridge. enjoy!


1 head of green cabbage, finely chopped
1/4 head of red cabbage, finely chopped
1 large carrot, shredded
1/2 - 3/4 cup miracle whip
4- 5 tsp sugar

I cut everything by hand, but you can do it however you feel comfortable. When it comes to mixing the miricle whip though, make sure you do it this way: in a bowl, measure it out, add the sugar and beat it until all the sugar is dissolved. I do not add the dressing to the slaw until moments before we eat because it makes the slaw soggy and creates water at the bottom. So keep them both covered in the fridge, separated, until time to eat, them mix them, you don't need alot of the dressing, just enough to coat it lightly. Enjoy!

More of Me Babies....

My daughter and grand daughter left this week, and i am feeling very melancholy....i want all my family to be here in one area. It was nice to have them all here for two weeks. Like it is supposed to be. All my chicks under my wings...just like a momma hen is supposed to have her babies. And her grand chickies too. Then I get a call from my daughter and she says she misses me, so i start to cry...all by my self. So I go to my secret drawer in my room, where I hide all my chocolate....lol and eat several pieces, its ok, they are the fun size ones. I feel better, at least till she texts me again and tells me she misses me again. But my son and family live here, and for now, that will have to do. One down, one to go. Enjoy the pics. I have chocolate waiting to be devoured....excuse me, please. LOL!


Family Reunion--At Long Last!

Sammy talking to the dolly, telling her what for...
The girls sitting down together watching a girlie movie... being cute.....
Sammy, Jessica, Gramma and Grampa having some of Matt's birthday cake
Matt, the old guy, turning 30, ha ha, trying his best to blow out the few candles we had!! Poor guy!
Jessica, Moo and Jordan coloring Easter eggs...Jin is here too, you just can't see her...
Matt, Grampa and Jin still eating....
The gang around the table....we had to put the kitchen table in with the dining table...too many peeps to fit....Jim, Jonathan, Sammy, Jessica (her chair is empty) Gramma, Matt, Grampa (in corner) Molly, Jin, Jordan and Me, my seat is empty here in front, i'm taking the picture.
Jim, the chef....cutting the brisket....and you can barely see the sashimi rolls, that is raw tuna on rice, you dip in some spicy soy sauce....i don't eat it, the guys and Jin do.
Jonathan and Jessica, she just got her hair cut....like 6 inches chopped off that afternoon!
Molly and Jin, AND Jim's new smoker in the back....his birthday present....
Lil Sammy, Jonathan, and Matt discussing issues of national security....ha ha!
Nonna (me) blowing bubbles (can u see them?) Jordan and Sammy chasing them around
Non, Choux, and Matty shooting the breeze while we wait for dinner

Well, this was our Easter weekend bash.... it was fun....the kids are coming over in a little while for the Easter egg hunt. So....I thought I would get a head start on this so it would be one less thing I would have to post! lol

Matt left this morning....Jin and Molly leave Tuesday....things are starting to get back to normal....which translates BORING!!!! I love having all my kids here. Well, I will still have my son and his babies, but something about having all your chicks in the nest....just a nice comfy feeling....I love it.

Well, enough gloomy talk....today is Easter and spring is sure in the air here. It is almost 80 here....my daughter got sunburned at the beach yesterday....and now I got the beach fever!!! So I will be going some time this week to just lounge and rest....I earned it. This has been a very hectic 2 weeks...fun, but now I need a vacation from my vacation! So I will pack my tatami mat, and my goodie bag, my favorite book, and off I will go to spend the day at the beach. Yup....I am...wanna join me for some rest and rays???



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