c'est la moux pas la choux.


I Smell A Trip

Well I am off and running again!!  So much gloom and doom and for me, so I got to run it off!!  Yup, a trip is in the forcast.  I am leaving in a few days.  I will be driving across country to Nebraska of all places!!  What country is that in???  haha 


MY sisters live there.  I will make one or two little stops along the way in Kentucky.  No, not to play the horses, silly.  Though that would be fun.  Maybe have to stop and think about that.  I have a long time friend that I want to visit there.  Then another just up the road in Ohio.  I do have a few friends.  I haven’t seen them since we left the school we worked at 3 years ago.  I miss me girls!! 


Then off to the prairie!  I will spend 2 lovely weeks with the sisters arguing, fussing and fighting….lol.  Nah, that is just with one.  I get along with the other one.  You all know her as C. She is me favorite. 

Jo's Pictures 043

So, anyhoo than I am off to my brothers.  He is my favorite of brothers too.  My only one.  hee hee  He is sooo cute.  He always makes me feel so special.  They all do.  I am the baby of the family.  But I am the one that always travels to all the far corners of the world to see everyone.  So they treat me good. 


Then it is off to my daughters to finish the trip that I started this month when we got the call about my mom-in-law.  Bless her.  She was a good woman. 


Anyway, I have unfinished nibbling to do, and Molly cuddling to also.  Oh, and then there is my daughter.  I keep forgetting her!!  LOL  She is soooo cute….I can’t forget the one that gave me all these cute babies!!  Well, there were two!


Of course, there are many recent ones, but this has all of them in it.  Here is one of the most recent of me lil Lilah loo and her sister Molly moo! 



Yes, they are soooo edible aren’t they?  I could eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner!!!  And there is enough for snacks too!!!  LOL  So that is my agenda folks.  In case your looking for me.  I will be poking along at a fine speed of lolly gaggying cuz I ain’t in any hurry!!  If your in the fast lane, just get your panties all hitched up and mozy on by me.  I will be taking me lil ole time.  I’m on southern vacation time. 



So if you see this lil cutie, don’t hit it, don’t park near it, don’t breathe on it, don’t spit on it, don’t fling boogers or ashes on it.  Don’t even smell it….cuz it has that new car smell and you will suck it all out!!!  LOL  It will be me having my vacation….at a snails pace.  That’s how I roll!!