c'est la moux pas la choux.


Finally Home!!! Some Pix of the trip...

Here they built brick and steel frames to hold up the ruins of a building. The top cornices were what were found, so to put it in perspective, they made a frame for it. The stone seats underneath are also original to the archaeological finds.
This is the aquaduct, in the Roman times, the ships would come inland thru these ducts and dock on the stone! They still have some of the moorings here. Unbelievable!
Remains if Roman houses, on some sites you can see the different rooms.
A town in Italy called "Aquileia", there is roman ruins from 2nd century b.c. to the 5th century a.d. here. These are the columns from a town hall, also on the ground are parts of the building tops...the cornices.
The kind of day it was, the sun was setting on the Adriatic Sea, was a nice crisp fall day, breezy on the water. The castle is just of to the right of this.
Ornate period furniture, dark gloomy long halls and rooms, I bet this place has lots of creepy sounds at night!!
One of the many bathrooms in this castle, everything was marble! The toilet was all wood, must of smelled good in there!!
Inside the Castillo di Miramare, one of the rooms, the ceilings were like 40 ft high, tapestry wallpaper, in-grain wooden floors, ornately decorated....pretty wild!
The "Castillo di Marimare" in Trieste, Italy

Well, I have made it home after 3 weeks in Italy with my daughter and her family! It is good to be home, tho I miss them. But it is good to be home in my bed, put all my goodies away, and throw the suitcases back in the closet!

We went to several places which I will post here. One was a castle on the water in Trieste, it is about 150 years old. Some battles were fought from it, and we toured inside. It was kind of creepy, but nice. I dont know how people lived in something so big, with no a/c and just fire places to heat these ginormous rooms.

The other place was "Aquileia" which has some of the most remarkable remains of Roman times. I have descriptions for each pic above. I will post more later, still suffering from jet lag. Got in late last night. Ho hum...off to bed now. Night bloggy buds, hope you all enjoy!