c'est la moux pas la choux.


A Bleep on The Radar

My daughter found out today that her (in utero) baby Delilah has an arrhythmia.  It is not known as of yet what type.  The doctor seems to think that it is the valve that closes at birth.  Her other daughter Molly had this same thing when she was born.  He also told her it was common. I don’t know about you, but I don’t ever remember this being a common thing when my kids were born, do you?  Are they having new diseases nowadays?  GEESH! 


Her hubby is still deployed, well here in the states.  He will be home in this month.  He is the type to worry when it is unwarranted.  Bless him.  He can’t help it.   Jin is doing Ok, but Nonna and Papa are a little worried.  It comes with the territory of being parents.  Ya know?  Then grandparents.  She goes next Thursday to see a neonatologist at a special hospital in Pensacola.  So, please keep her in your prayers as well as her little family. 


Also, just to let you know, my FIL is not doing well at all.  He had a very bad urinary tract infection last week.  He is at the end stages of his disease, and since he is requesting no heroic efforts to sustain life, he is on HOSPICE care now.  The antibiotics are not doing anything for him.  He is refusing food.  He will drink some, but that will not sustain him very long.  It is just a matter of time.  They will keep him comfortable.  God bless him, he has fought this battle for several years.  Our family has been through a time.  I think it is a blessing for him.  My husband and MIL are not doing so good.  Please pray things go peaceably and quickly for them.  Thanks so much.  You all are so great.  Updates to come.