c'est la moux pas la choux.


from chris to Jo..

Toone, my baby sissy.. i know you keep having one health issue after another, just like me, but things will get better. i mean what's the worst that can happen? we die. that's all. no biggie. there are worse things than dieing. the trick is to fight everything we get thrown at us, eventually they'll give up when they see how strong we are and that THEY can't deplete our spirits. after all, we are french TOONES. the only ones in da fammy fam famala. by the way, who the hell are THEY and what kind of pizza do they order.?.
so to cheer the dirty gQQg up, i put a few of our fave tings on yo' sidebar... erm, well.. maybe just a lil more than a few. so when you get lonely or sad or feel like yo' dieing even tho you aren't, look at our faves and let them embrace you with the comfort we had doing those things live. k? je t'aime puis tout vas allez bien.

and remember, someday soon Diane and i are coming to live with you's... and we will spend our days at the beach, walking, shopping, traveling, and of course eating. we will frikkin eat e.v.e.r.y single day, k? cuz i have a feeling i am going to win the lottery anytime now. it's MY turn. hey, we weren't born in New Britain fer nuttin.

so, let's get on our horsey's and mozzie on outta here.

your beeg sissy,