c'est la moux pas la choux.


Feeling sooooo much better!

Ahhhh, to be in Italy....the food, the wine, the sights and smells....all is well again. There is nothing, I repeat the word, NOTHING like having your tummy back after a nice food poisoning! It wasn't even something italian. can u believe that? just some plain ole oscar mayer bacon gone bad....ewww just saying it and thinking it....blahhhhh! on to another subject please!

Well, we went on a weenie roast/bonfire/hayride tonight. It was soooo cold tho, we had to come home before the hayride. I will post pics in the next post. I am now in bed and ready for sleep. A wonderful day was had by all. Proof will be in tomorrows post when I add photos. Goodnight to all, see u later.