c'est la moux pas la choux.


my first thot is to run....

i did not know there would be so much to this blogging thing!! my sister got me into it, thought it would be fun, QUICK, but i have spent almost all day trying to figure out what to put on here, how to set it up, what to write, and all the rest of it! i'm tired and i haven't even begun yet! her site is all decorated and cute, mine is NAKED!! oh well, i will ad as i go along.

so...happy new year to all the bloggers out there. if you read my profile, i am a married lady of about forty-ish. more ish than forty. i am interested in ancestry, love to read, cook, hang out with my grand babies, and just do stuff around the house. i like to craft some, mostly scrapbooking now. of course that would involve lots of baby pictures and trying to sort through old pics too.

so if anyone out there has any of these same interests, or just wants to shoot the breeze....i am here. i am new to all this so, please don't throw any big stuff at me just yet. just getting my feet wet. lol jo p.s. and if you have not guessed, i am IRISH!!