c'est la moux pas la choux.


A Good Time For All!

a good time we all had at the family reunion. the only regret...it was too short. i think we would all agree. just as we got all the cob webs and wrinkles ironed out, our time was up. it really was too short. and dennis was only there for 4 short days. i had 7 generous ones. poor denden. and him not feeling as sparky as he used to. well, we got him a "testicle festival" t-shirt, i hope that made him feel better. "fresh from a velvety sac" it says. nope, i'm not trying them. i know some like them, not this girl.
anyhoo, we also had a 70's themed disco party on saturday. he couldn't attend that either, he left that morning. bummer. but we had a big "to do" the night before with marinated steak, corn-on-the-cob, grilled garlic toast on the barbie, baked beanies, potato salada, and of course, don't let us forget all the beer! then it wouldn't be complete without the dairy queen blizzard oreo ice ~ cream cake!!! let us not forget the bottle of champagne to fete the twin's 50th. we toasted them, (not with the garlic ones :0 ) but the the champagne in little tiny plastic cups. it was so cute. even the younguns participated. it was soooo special. then we ate up their cake. when everyone departed we had an actual BAPTISM of sorts. well, kind of. sort of. well...not really. ok....we just threw someone in the darn pool!! she really needed to be in there, ok? she was just asking for it. she is chris' daughter, emily. she was bugging everyone all night. just being a pest. you know the type. so, unbeknownst to me, really, i didn't know....someone....i won't mention diane's name, asked her if she could "try on her shoes" for a second. so she lets her. then one of her cousins asks her if she can "come in the garage" for a minute to talk. walk back from the garage, right by the pool, they play like they are going to throw her in. i say STOP!! this is not nice, and go over to try and rescue her, feeling her pockets for cell phones, wallets, anything of value, without her knowing, the boys, standing by.....lol....waiting....remember....i don't know anything. all i am doing is pretending to help her. then i turn around to walk away, all i heard was a big SLASH!!! it happened so fast, i didn't have time to get my camera or anything. by the time i got it, she was out of the pool and chasing the cousins. dang, i'm always a day late and a dollar short!!