c'est la moux pas la choux.


The Birthday Boy and More!

We had a birthday party for my grandson last Saturday.  He turned 2!  Yay Sammy!  We spent the day before together, went to the park, McDonald’s for a happy meal, and then had a sleepover at Nonna’s. 



At the park, he is king for the day!


Digging for treasure in the yard!


Jordan helping to decorate.


The party place at Nonna’s house.


Sammy’s favorite foods for his special day.


Blowing out the candle, then plunged into the cake.


Make a wish my lil Sammy boy! Blow hard!


Very carefully now, mustn’t get dirty in the process!


Now the important part, PRESENTS!!


What a fun party, it was all over quickly! lol


Now…it wouldn’t be fair not to share my other baby with everyone.  So…this is Molly, and she is going to have a new brother or sister in June!


At the pumpkin patch, my lil petunia!


My lil dolly, Molly! What a hambone she is!


At the mall, riding her fave toy!


Well, I think that I have bragged enough for today.  Hope you enjoy these pics.  I love my babies, they light up my life!






Oh Sister, You Forgot Somethings

As me an my honey were on our date, we revisited some of the places we took my sister. 



The pier on the beach, (right behind the bench there is where you fell over and couldn’t get up!)


We walked along this pier and people watched for a good hour.  It was something we should of done while you were here.  The pier goes out forever!  It is like you are in the middle of the ocean.  You would love it. 



Taken from the top deck of the pier, off to the left on the sand is where we picnicked.



The view from the very top.  It was a balmy, breezy 70!  Your kind of day!


Then I took some pictures of the color of the water, it isn’t as pretty as it was in person.  It was turquoise that day.  And this didn’t do it justice. 





Places to sit all along the way….nice for gimpy peeps like you and me! 


Then we went to the base.  The have a beach access there.  It is actually the river.  But, it is just like a beach.  Jim and his dad used to go here and set out nets and get shrimp and fish.  Then they would go rake for clams.  Wait till you see it in person.  Here is a sneak peak.  It is a bit of a climb to get in there, but I think you can do it. 



Jim used to party here when he was a teenager! 



Yup…that’s my party animal right there.  The beach goes way back, we walked way past that big tree.



Did you forget a few shells here?  LMAO!  I was having a fit, thinking you wouldn’t have pockets big enough!



They are mostly clam shells, all shapes, colors, sizes….you could fill a few five gallon buckets EASY!!


The water is calmer here, but still laps up on the beach like where we were before.



This is where we went down, the building in the background is our new “All-Ranks Club” for officers and enlisted men.  We will join when it opens this month.  It’s got quite a view.

Anyway, this is what I wanted you to see.  Just a few of things that you should of seen while you were here.  And I am sure there will be more.  We also went to a really good pawn store.  It had some good bargains.  The old man and rick weren’t there.  So it wasn’t the same.  LOL 


Well, I am off to see if I can get a hair cut.  Nothing else exciting going on here.  All my excitement left me last week!  HA HA  OH wait, the jehovah’s witness’ came by, I pretended I wasn’t home.  That was pretty exciting.  So…there you have it.  My sappy Saturday….


The Time is Near, My Dear

It is that time, yup, just has flown by like a flock of geese going south for the winter.  My sissy is leaving me!  Nooooo!  Don’t let her leave!  She hasn’t even been here two whole weeks yet, I say another couple of months ought to do it. lol  She left me today at noon.  It was soooo sad.  But we had some good times.  I will post the evidence here as soon as I load it up! 


We had a final hurrah last night.  It was my MIL’s birthday and we had everyone over to celebrate, and also Chris’ last night here.  I’m bored now.  Don’t know what to do with myself.  We went 90 miles an hour while she was here.  Never sat around.  Now I am just sulking and bored and depressed.  Now I need a trip! 



Drinking a beer on the boardwalk at sunset……yeah, baby!



One of our many boats from our fleet…..ha ha, we wished it was true, just dreaming again!



…down on the boardwalk, we’ll be having some fun….



What we waited an hour to see and was so well worth it!  don’t you think?  GORGEOUS!!!



At Ft. Macon



At Beaufort at the boardwalk we saw this boat, then the very next day…



We saw it out at Emerald Isle just passing us by, I think they were following us!



More sea vessels out cruising for the day, it was so nice out, in the 90’s!



Enjoying fresh seafood, hope you had your fill, it will be a while till you get more!


Jo's Pictures 046

Even have a street named after my sister!  Look at that…who would of thunk it??


Jo's Pictures 141

Loving on MY grand babies, I had to share, she couldn’t be near hers, and well, it is nice to share.


Jo's Pictures 145

They just loved their “granny” Chris.  It was the first time she met them.


Jo's Pictures 150

Now it is time to say good-bye.  The morning she left.  It was a sad day.


Jo's Pictures 149

Well, sadder for some than others apparently.  She was wearing a lamp shade!  What a goof-ball!



Well, there you have it folks, all the gory details and grotesque evidence of all we did.  LOL  It was so short, it almost didn’t happen!  I want a redo!  She is still on her way home.  I have been trying to write this for several days now.  My pictures just were not cooperating. 


She should be home about 2-3 am Tuesday.  If I know her, she will want to take time to check all her mail, blog, shower, then sleep the whole next day.  Bless her driving little heart.  She hasn’t slept at all the whole trip.  She tried several times but didn’t get much sleep.  She will make up for it at home. 


Hope you enjoy the gallery.  It took me long enough.  Geez.  I need to take a class on how to work computers.  I’m so not a geek.  Well, got to go now, you all have a good week. 


Me and My Sister at the Beach and Stuff

It has been soooo much fun since she has been here.  I have not had time to post.  Well, I had some headaches too.  But also we have been running around and doing stuff just about everyday!  FUN! 












So here we have some pics of the kiddies and us.  Chris is posting too.  So I was going to post more and she said she was going to post some pictures.  I didn’t want to steal her post, so I will see what she is going to post, then I will post some more.  She has some cute pictures of the beach and what we saw.  We will be going to do some more this week.  I kind of pooped out on her a bit with my headaches, but tried to keep on going.  I have a neurology appointment in the morning with a new dr.  It is supposed to be one of the top ones around here.  He is associated with the university of North Carolina.  So, maybe we will find an answer to my problem.  It is a couple hours away.  So a baby road trip tomorrow is planned. 




Well, so far it has been a wonderful week.  We went to a Seafood Festival.  After a week full of wind and rain, we had one day of fair weather and we spent it at the festival and the beach. 






These pics were from the festival.  The ones before are from our house when we had the kids over.  They are my grand babies, Jordy and Sammy with me. 


Then there is one of me and my sister in a couple different shots.  One in a restaurant and one on a ferry we took over to one of the little places near here.   We will keep posting.   Off to bed!