c'est la moux pas la choux.


Made it Home..Now to Packing!

Never thought I would appreciate the Air Force for this reason before. Yes, I thank them for all they sacrifice for us, my husband was one of them. Gave twenty one years, my father-in-law also gave 21 years, plus another 13 again for civil service, then my daughter served in the Air Force before, during and after the war and beyond for 6 years. The sacrifices are many, and YES the prices are very, very high. We moved a total of 5 times, (some of those don't include multiple moves on the base from house to house!) once out of the country, and we SURVIVED! BUT what I would like to thank the military for that some may not know is those in the background....the MOVERS!! Yes, now that I have to move AGAIN, and have to pack all this up AGAIN, I would like to salute you, the one's that make it all happen when they say we gotta go now, you get us or now them, there in one piece. Well, mostly in one piece. I have only had a very few broken items in all my 21 one years. They know their stuff. Again, thanks for your hard and back breaking work! I'M HAVING TO DO IT NOW!!!