c'est la moux pas la choux.


A Birthday Blog

Wishing me sissy a very bestest birthday ever!  Wish I was there to celebrate in the festivities.  Hoping all your birthday wishes come true! 




I would take you to dinner at your favorite place…..


Then we would go shopping for whatever your lil heart desired….


After that, we would go and get ice cream, cuz you always need a lil something sweet after a good meal….


Then we would hit a movie, cuz you gotta rest now, your old and brittle….lol


And ifn you had any spare energy left, cuz this would be an all day affair, I would take you for a round or four at the casino, cuz I know how you roll!  Thats what I would do for you if i was there to celebrate your old age with you. 


Have a wonderful and fun day.  Hope all your wishes come true, make sure you take a hit of oxygen before you attempt to blow out all those candles!


Wish I could spend it with you.  Love you very much, missing you terribly.  Smoochies!  XXXXX OOOOO