c'est la moux pas la choux.


A Twisty Taste of Spring

for all my bloggies who have not heard from me in the last week: well i have been off line. we have experienced up close and personal a very fine taste of spring: A TWISTER! very rare in these parts. we live in a mountainy area, very rarely does it ever see funnel activity. we have had straight line winds. but no actual funnel clouds. well, i was at work at our school last monday. we had a big storm come through the area. one touched down just above our school on the ridge. our school sits in a little valley surrounded by three sides of mountains. on one hill, we have houses and the farm, just across the river. this is where the tornado touched down. it is not even a mile from where we were. i had all my girls huddled in the cafeteria, it is partly underground. the boys are on the hill in their dorm. they huddled in their hallways on the floor. all we have is the weather station and our radios to relay to each other. good grief....it was supper time, we were all getting ready to go to the dining hall when it hit. so any way...it all lasted maybe 30-45 minutes. i actually live 4 miles away from the campus. on my little road, 5 trees were down. some of the men had to go with a chain saw and remove them before we could get home later that night. anyway...the campus had debris all over, no one got hurt. just trees down. oh...except i had no phone, cable or internet for the last week. oh well, when you look at all the crap in life, this is but a small thing. life goes on. God bless you all. jo