c'est la moux pas la choux.


After 27 years, you would think we would be bored with each other!

We met rollerskating in 1982 in Bellevue, NE. 3 months later we got married. Many said it was a mistake and it would never last. Well, we did have a few rocky moments, but we did survive it and made it we did!!

We have two wonderful children who would die to know that I still call them kids. They are grown now and have married and their own kids. I am proudly the "Nonna" of 3. The oldest is Jordan, 3, she is Jonathan's and Jessica's. Then there is Molly, 1, she belongs to Jennifer and Matt. And the baby is Samuel, 8 months now, he is Jonathan's.

Our marriage started out rocky, and I don't profess it was an easy road. I owe it all to God and my husband because if it was not for them, this marriage would of failed a long time ago. Many times I was ready to give up. I married the most patient and loving man. He has put up with so much. I have many moods, and boy I am not afraid to use them!! Like I had control over it! lol Anyway, each time I was ready to give up, God changed my mind. I have such a loving husband and thank God he hasn't not given up on me. I did walk out on my family one time, and started driving from our house in CA to my sister's in NE. Well, on about halfway, I was beginning to get in the desert. I got out of my car. Started walking in the sand, no special direction, just started thinking about my life, my kids, my husband. At this time, I believe God spoke to me and told me to go back home. Not an audible voice like he did to Abraham, just a very strong impression on my mind that I should not have left. When I got back to the car, I called home crying, and my loving husband understood that I needed to get away. He told me to go on to my sisters and just have fun and come home when I was rested. I did go, but only stayed about 5 days. I couldn't wait to get home to my wonderful family!

Anyhoo....this man has made my life complete. I have known many guys, and none have even measured a fraction to the integrity of my baby. I know I am carrying on like a gushing new bride. What is my point, you ask? I do have one. I have read some blogs and in them see how many wives and husbands, and partners too, don't appreciate each other. Some others rave on about their spouses too. That inspired me too. (Granny! Thanks, love ya!) I don't have all the pics that went along like she did, but i did include two romantic ones.

Tomorrow will be 27 years. We plan to go to a Japanese Steak house. Tepanyaki is one of our favorite places. So, my bloggy buddies, please tell your spouses how much you love them no matter how long you have been married. It is never to late to start. You never know my friends, you just never know.

So, that is how it all started. And just a little tidbit of our journey. And where we are. Hope and pray you are doing well. God bless you all.