c'est la moux pas la choux.


Babies, Babies, Babies...never enough to eat!

all right...call me crazy, but i think that i am so blessed to have three of the most beautiful grandbabies in the whole world! my problem is they don't live close enough for me to enjoy all the time! i have one in italy, they should be coming back this year, and the other two live 3 hours away! what's a nonna to do? this is how i get my baby fixes. i impose them all on you poor people in my blogs and facebook entries, i try to scrapbook, i big gobs of pics to work with me. when i bring my laptop, people RUN, they know i have literally thousands of pictures and video clips of my babies. there is nothing more boring to another than looking at someone elses baby or grandbaby pictures!! don't get me wrong, 3-4 yeah, but a book full? so...my reason for this, and i had one, because i just spent 2 days since i was sick anyway, making a power point of one of the babies, (yes, i know, i need a life) and just showed it to my dear husband, who by the way is related to the little darling, and he was not even phased by it at all! well, it is a one year present, for the mom, our daughter....i told him. since she gave birth to our grand daughter, who will be one, i made a presentation of "a year in the life of molly". all that work , put to music, synchronized perfectly, and pffft, nothing, no response. MEN!! well, i still have my grandbabies, and i would love to nibble on them. but as i am sick, and he is watching the superbowl, i will cuddle the dachshund, and curl up in my bed with a cup of cocoa. g'night all you bloggers. keep warm, stay well. jo

Feeling a Bit Rough

Well, I have it again. And again, on my 3 day break. I can not believe that I have the darn crud AGAIN, not only on my 3 days off, but this whole last week leading to them! I feel so crappy, like I got run over by a semi. Achy, stuffy head, sinus, full ears where you can feel the liquid in them, fever....need I say any more? Geez, I have been taking benadryl, sudafed, tylenol and every homeopath friends tell me about. Zicam is like water for me. I can take 2 benadryls, nothing. My immune system must be lacking in something. This is probably my third one of the season. And I have had my flu shot! What gives? C'mon, I just wanted to stay home and clean and do junk around the house. Give me a frikkin' break! Wait!!! I don't mean that! I may end up actually breaking something! ;) Anyhoo, if that was not bad enough, as I was flossing my teeth, I pulled 2 crowns out!! So, now I get to not only go to the Dr. on my day off, but a trip to my dentist as well. Fun, fun. Sucks to be me. My one good thing I am looking forward to? The bean soup recipe I got from a fellow blogger, thanks again Ruth, I will let you all know how it turns out. The rest of you...thanks for letting me vent. It may bring the fever down. :/ Jo