c'est la moux pas la choux.


I'M HOME!!!!!

Well it has been so long since I last posted, I almost forgot how! I just returned from my 5 week long excursion driving across the states to see my family. I left the east coast of NC and headed west. I made my first stop at a friends house in KY. Spent several days there, and left to have lunch with another "up the road" in Dayton, OH! Yup, it was a hoot. From there I was planning on going straight to my sisters in Omaha, NE but it was just too much for me. So....I decided to stop over in Chicago and spend the night. Well, I just happen to know someone I blog with there!!! I dropped her a line and also my sissy had her number so we got her. We had breakfast the next morning together! She is so funny and boy is her brother cute!! If I wasn't happily married, someone would have a fight on her hands, eh, cheech??

So off I go to Nebraska.....for almost 3 weeks. Next I'm headed south to see my brother Denden! Of course, my sister C is filling you in on all the family drama! Lol never a dull moment here! Well, I had a good 10 days at my bro's and his wife's house. Lots of shopping, went riding on his harley, good eats, visiting!

Now it's off to me lil girl's house. The one that just had the baby. Delilah is two and half months old now! Time flies, eh?? I only stayed a few days there because her hubby is getting ready to leave for many months overseas and they needed family time. So I got some good nibbling time in and said my good-byes. She will come here while he is away for a lil vacay.
Papa hasn't seen his newest one yet. The night before I left, she and watched "My Cousin Vinny" one our fave movies. This is an important key factor to the next paragraph. Lol

As I left, I like to drive at night, one, because it is cooler, two, less traffic. I drove toward the interstate. She lives in a small town in the panhandle of FL. So, I had to go through some backwoods of ALABAMA to get on the interstate. Well, if you remember in My Cousin Vinny, where do you think they get pulled over? ALA FRICKEN BAMA !! You got it, me too!! I was just minding my own bidness, singing to Adele as loud as I could, and I reached over to grab a piece of gum and barely strayed over the yellow line!! He was right behind me. All I saw was blue lights flashing and my mind flashed to the two boys in the movie and all I could think was...."I'm gonna go to jail in Ala FRICKEN bama! And I don't have a cousin Vinny!! Lol the officer asked if I knew why he pulled me over, at the time, I didn't know. I knew I wasn't speeding. He told me. Then he asked if I was taking any medications, I said just my migraine ones and blood pressure ones, praying he didn't see my pill container of 50 in the back seat!!! Lol He said hold on and checked everything. Come on, I drove all across the country and I'm a few hours from home and I get stopped?? Give me a break!!! I have never gotten a ticket or been cited for any accident or been in one ever! (knocking on wood) When he returned he said he didn't see a problem, but next time when I reach for something PLEASE just pull over. I apologized and told him I would. Thanked him and got the hell outta Alabama. I lived in that state for several years, and I don't want to offend any one who lives there. But I will never live there again!!! It's beautiful, and the people are nice, but the laws and stuff, well....I will just leave it at watch the movie, My Cousin Vinny, it's just like that!

I made reservations at a nice Hilton where my honey was to rendezvous with me. We went out to dinner, drinks, and had such a romantic wonderful time. The next morning we took our time and drove home, had a very nice  breakfast, and it was only 2.5 hours from home. So now it's back to the old routine, and it's so good to be home. I am going to try and upload some pics. Since I'm trying to do this from the iPad for the first time, forgive if I screw up, they may be out of order.