c'est la moux pas la choux.


Oh death, why must you sting?

today marked the passing of a dear beloved friend who was such a kind and dear lady, i feel a void knowing she is gone. she was elderly and had a very filling life. a wonderful mother, grandmother and great grandmother she was. anyone who knew her instantly liked her. she was one her drew people in, made them feel at home, never knew a stranger. i only knew her 5 years, but felt like i had known her a lifetime. she was like a mom or grandma to many. just before i left kentucky, she became ill enough to have to move in with her daughter, who happened to be my supervisor. she lived in the dorms where i worked at the school. i saw her everyday. another lady from our school wrote a tribute to her that just brought tears streaming down my face. it was so touching. heart-warming...she will be greatly missed. she lived her love for the Lord everyday. her faith stood strong in all those years. the integrity of this lady, it speaks volumes. if you looked up the word in the dictionary, i am sure her name would be there! our loss today is Heaven's gain. i will miss you, Miss Betty, but save my place, i will see you again.


Why is it so hard to say GOOD-BYE?

This is my daughter Jennifer, and her baby, Molly who is 1 now. The came from Italy to help us move from KY to NC.

My two girls left today after
being here for 6 weeks. i really miss them now. the house is quiet, no one to put to bed, no diapers to change, no one to follow around the house, ho hum....on one hand, yes it is quiet and peaceful. but i like the "busyness" of having a family around. call me strange. i like that meals have to be made. food has to be bought, things have to be cleaned. yup....i am a mom and now a gramma. that is what we do. i got so used to having them around. now there is an emptyness. a void. my husband and mother-in-law came home from eating supper out (thats because we didn't have to come right home and get a little person to bed) and when we all came in, it was soooo quiet.

so now we have to find our niche. we moved here when she and the baby were here. now we have to "find our own way" sort of. i have to find my groove. so, for now my bloggy buds, i am off to bed, i am worn from emotional energy spent today. if you have any suggestions for me, i am all mouth, ears, eyes and noses!! lol g'night......zzzzzzzz


Gardening, it's good for the soul, BAD for the sunburn!

today i planted my garden. all my 10 herbies, and my tomatoes, 3 kinds, cukies, squashes, jalapenos, and watermelons. got them all nice and comfy in the ground, fertilized and watered. labeled. put all my junk away. so proud that it is finally done. done. and done. i walked in the house. the daughter and husband had been grocery shopping and started cooking lunch. they looked at me and looked at each other, and asked me if i had felt OK. i said i was hot, thirsty, and i hurt my back, but other than that i was fine. i just wanted to sit and revel in my accomplishment of the day. as i walked past the mirror, i saw what they were talking about. my face was soooo red, it looked almost purple.i was totally flabergasted. 1st because i had been going to the tanning beds for the last 2 weeks with the daughter so she could be tan for a trip she is going on. 2nd because i was only out there for maybe 90 minutes. then of course, i get the lecture. did you not put sunblock on? i walked through the house, on into bathroom and took my nice long soak. i was in a good mood, and dadgummit, i was determined i was not letting the husband or daughter ruin my good accomplishment today!! but boy did i ever look bad when i saw myself in the mirror. egads.......i could slap myself if it wouldn't hurt so bad. why didn't i put the stupid sunscreen on before i went out? i use it before the tanning beds and everytime i go out for any length of time. well....this is my bits of advice: after my nice soak, and re-hydrating, re-freshing, and re-moisturizing myself, i went in and ate of the bounty the daughter and husband had to offer. and NEVER, EVER go out without your sunblock on. you will grow old and wrinkly. well, everyone grows old, but you dont have to be wrinkly. your skin can be nice and supple and young looking if you take care of it. so that is my two cents worth for today. Jo


A New Horizon

I think I am going to tackle a new challenge. Yup. Even more than the ones I am facing. So me bloggy buddies, out of no where, but always in the back of my warped little mind, I have always wanted to write a book. No particular kind, just a book. This one happens to be a children's book. No specifics yet, but it is something near and dear to my heart. I have no clue where to start, but then that would make it easy now, wouldn't it? And would it still be called a challenge? So I will keep you posted. As for settling in, we are still unpacking many boxes. The problem is, we don't have places to put the darn stuff! So my wonderful husband is building and renovating as he loves to do. Mom and Dad-in-law are about the same. He won't be coming home from the nursing home. He will stay there permanently. Slowly but surely we will get it all done. And my little writing adventure....we will see how that turns out. My daughter wants to draw my pictures for me. She is pretty good. We will see. Have a good weekend my bloggy buddies. Enjoy the great spring weather where ever you are!!


Happy as a Hog

Well, for right now, all is good. I am doing fine. No complaints. The house we moved in, my in-laws, will be undergoing construction for the next several months. We, my husband and I, will be taking care of his mom. His dad is in the nursing home. He may or may not be able to come home. But in that event, we have to be prepared. So...we have to make the addition for them to be handicap accessible. And also make some updated additions. All is going along good. So for now, life is sweet, and I am like this picture, happy as a clam. lol or hog.


Why Do I Feel Like This

Like you are working so hard at something and everything is against you? Like you pull and pull and never get anywhere? Well, my friend, join me in this little hullabaloo i call "my family."

it is like this. some days you love them, some days you want to bury them. yes? i think so, too. some family members who shall remain nameless...they may know who they are if they read this. well, there are days that are just dandy and fine...and then the next it is like all hell has broken loose and we have a whole different person. do you have anyone like that? i thought so. see? i knew our family wasn't the only one. whew....i'm so glad we are normal, anyway, let me tell you if this doesn't stop, someone is going to be missing some essential body parts that are pertinent to some bodily functions. i can tell you that much for certain, right now. so hang it up now, lose the attitude buddy, and honey...don't come crying to me if you find out you got some of your favorite clothes missing, either i don't have it, OR i can't remember where i put it after i washed it! lol (revenge....i love it!)



Ok, so the day before we left, our truck shows 4 dummy lights! Like we needed to have this added to the never-ending list of tasks already to finish as we are loading the moving truck! so off i go to the ford dealership. they want to keep the truck overnight. i told them they couldn't because we were leaving the next morning. they promised me they would have it finished by 10 am. but...i needed the vehicle to put all the stuff in that we would use for traveling. i guess i would make due, somehow. more on that bit later. then the car that i borrowed to follow me out there in, well, once we dropped the truck off, we went to walmart, and it starts smoking in the parking lot. so we pull over and raise the hood. there's a busted radiator hose. so we are stuck an hour away from home with someone else's car, and much packing yet to do. i call my knight in shining armour and tell him. he calls someone to come get us. i feel really guilty leaving the "borrowed and broken" car there, so i call the owner. she laughs. but, i dont want to leave her stranded, so when our ride gets there, we drive the busted car across the road to advance auto. they tell us, it is against their policy, but they could "fix it on the side." so our ride leaves, poor guy, came out for nothing! anyway...we made it home after 5 hours, tired, hungry, and a bit peeved. and when i got there, i STILL had to finish the packing that needed doing.

the next day, we didnt have our truck, remember. the things we wanted to pack in our truck for the trip...stuff for the hotel, etc. got packed in the moving truck until we got to the dealer. once we got to the dealer, we decided, hey...we can just leave it in the moving truck, this will make for a lighter load in the explorer, right? or so i thought. i had the baby and the dog with me in explorer. my daughter and my husband were in the moving truck. they, bless their anal little hearts, decided to get up at 4am to get a head start, unbeknownst to me, and left ahead WITH ALL THE STUFF I NEEDED!! so they get to the storage unit in NC at the other end, about 6 hours before i get there, and because my stuff was last in, it is FIRST in the storage unit!! now i have 2 pairs of shoes to my name! both crocs! bright orange and red! the rest in storage until they get them back out! and one bra! don't know what or where they went, i had more, now they are gone. i had like 6, and think i left a trail of them along the way...so if you find some along I-40, they're mine!

anyway, we got here safely, other than those few minor hiccups. thank you all for your kind words and prayers. i really do appreciate you all. we are now concentrating on getting a place or renovating/adding on to my in-laws home. and also getting my husband a job. please keep us in your continued prayers. more updates to follow! Jo