c'est la moux pas la choux.


Tuesday Tidbits

Just a short note to say that my babies are leaving in the morning.  They have been here 2 whole weeks and it has been so wonderful.  I will be going in June for 5 weeks when Delilah is born.  Then when I return it will be time for my big road trip.  I am driving to Nebraska, then to Texas, then through Florida again (it will be time to see the grandbabies again!) on back to North Carolina.  All this driving in my new lil VW bug!  I can’t wait!  This will be the year for traveling for sure!


My arm is healing nicely.  I started physical therapy yesterday.  It is a bit sore.  Lots of stretching and poking.  I don’t really care for it but I know it is necessary.  Ho hum.


I just started watching the show “Lie to Me” and I am sooo addicted. I have watched almost 2 seasons while my daughter was here.  She watches it too.  It is about a company that are deception experts, they read peoples facial expressions for government and other agencies.  It is sooo cool.  And of course, now I am an expert at it.  I think the guy is sooo darn attractive in his own special way.  He is British….and well, he sounds more Irish to me, but what do I know?  Must be my crazy mid-life fantasy….lol!


So, I have been Disney movied out for the last two weeks, and the last one is tonight, TANGLED! I don’t mind really, I love all of them, most of the movies are ones my daughter and son watched VHS when they were Molly’s age!  So naturally, Molly had to watch Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Pocahontas, Rescuers Down Under, Sword and the Stone, Dumbo, well there is just too many.  I bought Tangled today since it came out.  Her last prezzie from here for now.  She is too spoiled.  From all the Grammies!  Both girls got one today….



Watching movies in her favorite position on the couch.


The two girls getting ready to leave me, but I still have Jordy and Sammy here!!


Is There Anything Sweeter?


My daughter fell asleep with her daughter Molly, and then she “texted” me, quick come take a picture, Molly had fallen asleep with her hand on her belly.  She is 7 months now, she loves her sissy “liya” her name is Delilah.  LOL


Sammy’s pants were so weighted down with candy from the pinata, ooops, we got a free peek! Too cute!!


My son Jonathan with his niece Molly….pretty much the first time together.


Our whole family together, my two babies…..haha, they will hate me!!


The kids, with their kids, minus Jennifer’s Matt, he was deployed. We love you and miss you!!


My two girls…they love each other!

I love my kiddies and my family, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Lil Pieces of My Everyday Life….

First, let me say thanks to all who have prayed and sent good thoughts my way for my surgery.  I really appreciate all the bloggy love and affection.  I am doing somewhat better, still having a bit of pain recuperating, but it will take time.  One of the best medicines is my daughter and her daughter Molly are here.  So…I have all my babies here.  What more can a Nonna ask for? 


My lil angels, Sammy, Molly and Jordan.


My girls hamming it up!


The lil monkey Molly!



Company will be here tomorrow!! Yeah!!


Molly’s 3rd birthday party, Jin made all the goodies!!


The big birthday girl, Molly! Turning 3!


Look, momma, daddy, this is how we eat the cupcake, see?


Daddy loves reading to me, but has trouble with the big words, I have to help him!


Before the party, all neat and tidy, before I made a big mess!!


Ok, blow out the candles, Moo….1,2, 3!!!!



27 weeks and still growing….Delilah Rose is getting so BIG!!


My Babies are Coming!!!

Haha, made you look! Bet you thought I was having a baby, didn’t you?  Well, I am….just not this week.  Next week I will be.  Two of them to be exact.  My original….my daughter.  My youngest…my baby…my original baby.  And her baby, Molly, plus her unborn baby, Delilah Rose.  Well, if she changes the name, I’m in big trouble because I’ve written that name many places now.  lol



Someone forgot her pants, but then who needs pants??  i dont wear mine in the kitchen, do you?


My Nonna got me this new apron for my birthday….cuz I love to cook with my mommy!


Pretending to be a baby, before my new sister comes along.


My beautiful mommy, she takes good care of me….and when my sister is born, i will help her too.


Bits n Pieces of Yummy Crumbs

We had a wonderful party for my oldest grand daughter Jordan….she just turned 5.  Her little brother, Samuel is 2.  They are my pride and joy here in NC.  In 2 weeks, I will have my daughter and her daughter, Molly here for 2 weeks.  I will be in Nonna heaven!!  I will have both my kids here, and all my grandkids together.  Even the unborn one!  She will have her in June.  I will there in FL for that one too. 


Jordy, the birthday girl


Sammy and Jordy



So then on the horizon, the same day my daughter flys in, I have to have surgery on my elbow.  Yeah, bummer, it hasn’t even been a year since the surgery on my shoulder.  All on the same side too.  I told my ortho doc he was just going to work his way down my arm to my fingers!!  (I have carpal tunnel also that needs repairing on both wrists and have put that off.)  So, if I don’t have the surgery on the day she flys in, I will have to wait another month.  I am having so much pain, I didn’t think I could.  She said she didn’t mind and would help.  So…the same time, I found out I had glaucoma and was put on drops.  Then just a few days later….another bomb:  I have chronic kidney disease, stage 3, which is moderate kidney damage, which is permanent.  There are 5 levels of kidney damage, 5 being the worse.  That being where you would get a transplant.  I am having tests run, blood, MRI, urine, etc. to see the extent of the damage.  As of now, they don’t know what has caused it.  I think it is some of my medications.  I have taken so much for my migraines over the years.  Very strong ones, some long term.  They have to have taken a toll on my organs.  Anyway, I will keep you all updated.  Sorry to have rambled. 


Hope you all have a good rest of the week….and week~end!!