c'est la moux pas la choux.


Enjoying the weather and beauty of nature...

As i sit and enjoy nature and all the wonderful weather that we have been having, it makes you think of the one who made it all. What a great God we serve and all that he has made! For people that don't believe in a Creator all they have to do is look out side and see for themselves the wonders of the earth. What started this was a few days ago when I planted my garden and saw all the worms and buggies that make everything work. I remembered when my kids were little, (really young) and they were grossed out at worms and bugs and dirt. I took that opportunity to tell them about the life cycle of how things grow, we eat it, then it goes to waste, and gets back into the ground and so on. How one species lives off the other, etc. It was so special. I remembered all that just being outside and planting in the garden! But it doesnt have to stop there! It can go so much further. You can teach a whole plethora of ideas and things to your kids from nature. All you have to do is DO IT! Anyway, off my soapbox for the day.

This was just going to be me, being melancholy and remembering all the wonderfull beauty there is all around me. Sorry for getting off on a limb. And what a wonderfully, cute and flowery limb it is. Oops, there I go again! Well, I will go now. I think I have said enough here. You all go out and enjoy the weather where ever you may be. If it is snowy, enjoy it, or rainy (which it did that later this afternoon, yeah! love it!) enjoy that, or if it is just plain, jane old dreary foggy, and cold, one of my favorites too, enjoy that especially! Have a wonderfull day no matter what, and remember, there is beauty and wonderment all around us, no matter what the weather is doing. So enjoy it with the one's you love now. For we know not what tomorrow may bring. Jo