c'est la moux pas la choux.



if you havent told him, you need to do it quickly. it is almost over!! your daddy needs to be told he is the most important "man" in your life! go quick, before its too late. i'll wait....

dad's are the ones that go out early in the morning and shovel the walks so we can have a clear walkway. they are also the ones that go get ice cream when mom was pregnant with you. or taco bell, or whatever she was craving. or he would change the flat tire when we all sat in the car when it was pouring rain. he would go and get all the boxes out of the attic or garage to set up all the Christmas decorations. he is the one that does all the yard work when it is 90* out or more. he is the one that puts his life on the line when no one else will, and goes to iraq while we wait for him to come home. he goes out in the field and plants all the corn or hay and harvests it in the fall. our dads do it all, kids.

yes, i know, some of us dont have our dads anymore. i dont. and i know some of you were raised by your moms. i was. but those of you who do, GO!!!! i just spent my 1st fathers day with my father-in-law. it was not anything spectacular on my part. but we (my husband and i) gave him a card and a shirt and pj's. he read the card and it brought him to tears. we wrote that it was the 1st time we were together for this holiday, and we were so blessed by it. he was so moved by. you just dont know how you will touch someones heart. SO GO RIGHT NOW, TELL THAT DAD OF YOURS, BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. Jo