c'est la moux pas la choux.


Goodbye Sweet Man, WE LOOOVE YOU!

My father~in~law passed away today at 3pm.  We were all there with him, surrounding him with love and kisses and hugs.  He went peacefully. 



They have been married for 55 years.  They had 2 children.  Janet and Jim. Jim is my husband of almost 30 years.  Janet almost didn’t make it here in time to see her daddy alive.  She got here this morning at 6am.  The Lord saw fit for her to make it in time.  He passed at 3pm. Now many family members will be traveling to see us from near and far.  It will be a time for remembering and sharing.  A time for mourning a great person, a time for putting a wonderful and precious person to rest. 



Good bye daddy, we will miss you and know that you are in a better place.  You will always be in our hearts and lives. You were a BIG part and always will be.