c'est la moux pas la choux.


Pet Peeves, No they aren’t cute! Whiny Wednesday it is…..


Some things that really make me angry are people that hoard.  I know it is an illness, but it still makes me mad. 


Gluttony is another thing that makes me mad.  They even make TV shows about it.  Man vs Food and shows like it make me want to vomit.  There are people starving in this world and people have to eat like that?  We even have people starving here in our own neighborhoods.   Come on, share the wealth with the poor would you?


People that abandon animals.  Do I have to say anymore?  Wait….yes…they should to them what is done to the animal.  Yup. 


People that are fake.  Come on, have the courage to show your real self.

Or those that are two-faced and stab you in the back.  Ewwww, just say stuff to my face and suck it up!  Don’t hide and be a sissy. 


I don’t like mean-ness.  (is that a word?)  Why be mean when you can say something in a nice tone or just in a calm neutral voice?  The world would be a better place.  Yeah, yeah, take off the rose colored glasses, Jo.


I don’t like confrontation either.  Is there a pattern here?  I guess I’m just an easy going person and want an easy going world around me.  Oops, picked the wrong planet.  LOL


I guess I have too many more to list….I didn’t realize I had so many, geez.   Well, to change the subject to something lighter….we may get another hurricane.  Igor is working his way westward.  He may land on the eastern seashores, but we will see. 


I am hosting a Pampered Chef party for my daughter.  She just recently became a consultant.  I think I own more than she got in her whole kit PLUS what she owned before.  Besides, she lives in FL, I live in NC.  What was I thinking?  But I have to do the Mom thing and support her.  So….I will do this one thing for her.  If you here a scream on the 28th, you will know it was me.  And if you need any Pampered Chef stuff, let me know, I will hook you up!  K?


We bought a nice little sewing machine at an antique store last weekend.  I don’t know why, it is one of those old ones with the peddle on the bottom, like from Sears, the kind in the cabinet that folds into itself.  My hubby said he could “fix it up” and resell it for a bunch of money.  Ha!  We paid $50, and he said he saw one sold for $400 at another yard sale.  I told him when the money was in my hand I would believe him. 


Well, I recently started watching LOST, from the very beginning.  I’m totally engrossed in it.  I watch one show right after another.  I’m addicted!  I’m on season 2 now.  Anyone else have this fever?  I’m also into Grey’s Anatomy.  Yeah, I have nothing else in my life.  Oh, I read alot too.  I have no life.  Well, I don’t have kids.  They are grown now.  I just have a husband, and he is at work most all day.   So after MIL and I do all our junk, I have time to watch my shows….lol!  Then of course, there is the Food Channels!  You know you have your vices too, don’t even go there!! 


You guys have a good rest of the week, enough for whiny Wednesday!