c'est la moux pas la choux.



Thank you bloggy buddies for all your concerns and prayers. My brother got good reports on his colonoscopy. NO CANCER!! He still has to hear back on his lung tests, but I feel this is a good sign. He feels good, he is out mowing his yard, and he is going up to see my two sisters in NE. And unbeknownst to the two birthday kids, he and my middle sis, they are turning 50 on the 29th, I am flying out to surprise them. Only my older sister Chris knows. You all know her as "C". She is the glue that keeps us all together when the pieces seems to come apart. When things like this happen, she is like the mom that we all never had. She seems to talk on here like she never had that relationship with "our" mom. She may not have, but she was always like a mom to all of us and was the best one any could ever have. we love her like she is our best friend. we can tell her anything like a friend and she is there no matter what. whenever one of us needed anything, she and dave (the A-hole she speaks of now, but then had a decent heart) never said no and took us in or gave us money, or whatever it was we needed. all 3 of us siblings all lived with her at one time or another in our life. some for short times and some for extended times. i don't know that i have ever said thank you. but i don't think that would EVER be enough. So...when we have a chance to get together like this....all 4 of us, I try to make every effort to make it there, come hell or high water. And believe me...it has been raining something fierce over here....lol! The water is high, but I am still on my way. With our brother going through this scare, and we still don't know how it will turn out, the last time all 4 of us got together was over 10 years ago. So...this is going to happen. WE WILL HAVE FUN.... and pics will be posted! So stay tuned.....my bloggy buds....for there will be a great party happening in NEBRASKA next week!