c'est la moux pas la choux.


How Stupid Can You Be?

I’m watching the world’s dumbest criminals and this guy and his girl, drunk as a crap, higher than a kite, show up at the police station, to get a ride home. that is not the funny part. while they are standing there waiting….he is playing with himself….no lie….she is staggering back and forth…..swaying to the music, (i don’t think there really was any playing, i didn’t hear any) and then she goes to sit on the bench. bless her little inebriated heart, she misses it by about a foot and falls flat on her butt! he runs over to her and yells, “get up bitch, you want to get caught?” then the police happen to stroll out, lol, and catch them yelling at each other. they happen to frisk them. the fella has some weed in his shoe, and you know what he says? “what, thats not mine….its orgegano!” Talk about your rotten luck! DUMMIES!

This is not in the stupid category, but funny anyway... going to visit dad in law at the nursing home tonight….we sat down to chat with him, asked him what was new like we always do. he said, “i shit my self.” i just almost fell off the couch. i tried not to laugh, cuz it wasn’t really funny, but then it was. i didn’t want to look at my husband then i knew i would lose it. i glanced at mom in law, saw her nostrils flare cuz she was holding it in, but then dad started to giggle about it and so we all guffawed and had a laugh about it. me, well, i got so tickled it lasted a bit longer, like maybe 30 or so minutes. i had to walk away. yup, you can’t take me anywhere. well, if you shit yourself, don’t expect me to keep a straight face, k? just sayin’.