c'est la moux pas la choux.


Still Snowing....

It is still snowing and blowing out side. someone must of turned the snow and wind on and forgot about us! they closed offices down today in town. cancelled my dental appointment. oh well. i still have to go to work at the school. kids don't get called off. they live there. so, i will go get dressed in my longies and will let you all know when they decide to turn the snow off in our part of kentucky! lol we are up to 4 inches, which is almost disaster state now. lol no really, they don't know how to act with 1 inch, so...stay tuned my friends. jo

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jo.irish.rose said...

toone, always got your mind in the gutter, well, let me update: we got 6 BIG inches total! so take that! yeah take it! you big girl, i know you can!! i've seen your purple toy, remember? the big daddy of them all!! yup, they shut everything down, except, of course, my school, because someone has to watch all the kiddies, they live there! lol that would be me, and all the other houseparents. so we have to trudge out there in the big 6 inch deep snow, i could hardly see...lmbo...soooo anyway, it has stopped snowing now, and it is only 9* out, and still dropping. a little nipply down here. so let me know what the weather is doing. k? love you, jo