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FIL update

I really gotta post more.  lol  Thot I would update the world on my  FIL.  It was pretty bad the last couple of days.  Yesterday, the doctor came in and basically told us we had to make a decision.  For those who don’t know, my father in law is in the hospital for what started out as a very bad urinary tract infection.  Then this became septic.  There were two strains of infection.  One was E. coli, the other, unidentifiable. They treated him with all the known antibiotics they normally do.  He responded at first.  Then around the fourth or so day, he went backward.  So that is when they told my husband and his mom to decide if they wanted to proceed with treatment.  He is a 77 year old man, who does not want heroic measures taken if his heart should stop or he gets a terminal illness.  They asked my FIL if he wanted to go “home” (he lives at the nursing home) or stay at the hospital to receive treatment.  If he went home, he would be made comfortable with hospice.  That would be all.  He chose the treatment.  We will hope and pray he continues to heal.  So far, his white cell count is good, tomorrow they will check his kidney function.  If he continues this course, he may just have this beat.  If the infection does not respond to this antibiotic, then they will have to send him back to the home on hospice.  Please pray for whatever God’s plan is for our lil family.  It has been quite a rough couple of years.  Thanks guys.