c'est la moux pas la choux.


Still no Dictionary, But I do Have A Humphrey!!

What might you ask is a dang Humphrey?  Well, you should ask, who?  Cuz, he is just the darnest, cutest, most adorable lil poopster you ever saw.  He is my nephew and here he is:

Look at his lil stocking feet!! So freaking cute!!!

Say “Ahhhhhhhhhh, Humphrey!!!”   Such a goooood boy!   Auntie JoJo loves you!


Look how pretty he is……looking at the doggies in the back yard.  Wooof!


OOOOOOOKKKKKK, i reeeeellllly had to poooop, ok?  you dont have to look, but, look at me cute lil face????

i still have a migraine, so off i go to bed, but wanted humphrey to say hey to suz and chris and diane and all the others out there that love boxers.  woof.  slurp, and lick!  night, mom is making me go night night now.  bad mommy.