c'est la moux pas la choux.


Memorial Day Picnic With Family

Jim, Jordan and Sammy in the pool, he is trying to escape again!!! The lil booger!
Gramma, Jessica, Jonathan and lil booger got out, Sammy! Just before we started to cook....
PaPa decided to join in getting wet with the kiddies....hat and all! He had been working and was hot, hot, hot!
The pool water was nice, but the sprinkler water was pretty cold....brrrrrr!
And who is this big boy in the pool? That is my baby of 27 years....lol! and his baby...19 months!
Whooooo hooooo, this water is freezing cold Nonna! Come try it!!!
Yup! Jordy was right....I froze the jiggles off my wrinkles....Sammy ran faster than I could, that darn sprinkler got me full on as I passed....no fun being gimpy and old....lol!

We had some friends over too, but my batteries died after these few pictures, someone left the camera on, but I wont mention his name, k? We aren't supposed to hold grudges or anything.....but I would of had more fun pics, of home made ice cream, toll house cookies, nice cooked out food on the grill, everyone eating, all the flies having a feast....but you get the visual in your mind's eye.....you don't need an actual picture do ya? CUZ SOMEONE LEFT THE CAMERA ON AND KILLED THE BATTERIES!!!! But since it is Memorial Day and all, I didn't want to harp on him seeing that he is a veteran and all, and he deserves a little respect seeing that he did serve his country, gave his time, sacrificed all those holidays, birthdays, anniversarys, etc. away from the kids....so he deserves a little kindness from me on his special day......awwww.....i feel bad now....i should go give him kisses and love on him....poor baby......all those times when he was gone.....HE SHOULD OF FRIKKIN TURNED OFF THE FRIKKIN CAMERA!!!! But I love him.....