c'est la moux pas la choux.


Yeah...Another Blizzard!!

Snowflakes, snowflakes all around, swirling, traipsing to the ground. Mr. Winter I thought you'd gone, but here you are again on my lawn!

Well, really I didn't think he had left for good. I knew he would be back. But I didn't think he would leave me all this snow. I do love snow. But please, we had a few nice days, and I thought spring might be near. I knew we would get some more cold days, but not more snow! Especially not 2-3 inches! (ok, those of you in the midwest and north are laughing) but in southeast Kentucky that is a lot. It just is not heard of in these parts. Originally from upstate NY, I can handle it. It is all the other people I have to deal with when on the roads. Luckily, I only go into "town" every other week. That is 17 miles from where I live. Out in the woods. So...but I do have a dental tomorrow...oh joy...Mr. Winter...you have not beaten me yet! I have 4 wheel drive and I know how to use it! Jo ;)

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