c'est la moux pas la choux.


A Fun Week End

mother's day brunch out with jonathan and jessica and kids, me and sammy snuggled
jordan and jessica, her little glasses keep falling down, poor little thing, she is so rough with them
the molly moux, when they were here, she loves my little "mork can" and walked her all the time.
the pool day and cook out, kiddies loved it, so did jess!
this was a walmart day when moux was here last, we took the kids to pick out toys! fiasco day!!
another mothers day shot of me and sammy, better than the 1st! a couple days before my surgery.

Had the family over for the obligatory cook-out on Saturday...with a little "pool party" on the side. ROFL if you can call it that....but it was fun, just some doggies on the grill, and the hubby cooked pork tenderloins too, I much preferred the doggie, baked beans, home made macaronies and cheese baked in the oven, and some grand babies for dessert! yummy!

remembering when my other little one was here, so i threw those pics in too for good measure. just to show off all three. the whole kitt and kaboodle, the whole she bang, the big palooza, you get the picture, literally.....lol.

well, i hadn't posted in years, so i thought that i would throw something up here, not a lot going on. had some shoulder surgery, kind of boring....going to physical therapy....i call it torture therapy. i mean where else do you pay people to hurt you? c'mon.....the dr. tells me i need to take it easy for 6 weeks and gives me a prescription for physical therapy where they make me do all kinds of torturous tasks that leave me in pain when i leave, and then charge me an "arm and a leg" for it! only in america.....

and if that wasn't enough.....my blood pressure is out of control. (probably from all the torture!) so my dr. is going to make we wear and "event monitor" for a whole month! don't know what all that entails, but i am sure it will be a pain in the rear. i mean how do you shower? what if i have to go through security at the airport? will i set the buzzers off at walmart? i have sooo many questions....but i do have something funny going on with my ticker....it is like skipping beats or stopping/starting so this will tell them what they need to know, hopefully. i guess i will post as i progress along....keep me in your thoughts and prayers.