c'est la moux pas la choux.


faces only EVERYONE can love!!

This is my grand daughter Molly, the number 2, in the yellow sweater. This is taken in Venice, Italy. The caption read that she was eating a carrot, but of course I had to make it say she was puckered up to give me kisses. I miss her terribly. They were here for 6 weeks and just left last week. The other two, Jordan and Samuel, are siblings and belong to my son, (Molly belongs to my daughter) and they live 9 hours away. I won't see them for a long time either. I guess what I want to say to everyone is please don't take your family for granted. I have read on numerous blogs about arguments and things between family members, (me included! I'm guilty now and then!) about how we don't get along, they did this, we haven't talked for this many years, and most of the time, nobody remembers over what! I look at these little faces and I think of how time is flying by and how I can not spend just a few days out of year with them. And here other people have their families right there and they throw it all away on petty little things. It makes me angry people! Yes I am living with my in-laws, but it is not the same as blood relatives. Sisters, children, grandbabies...life is too precious and too short to waste it on trivial nonsense when people can just GET ALONG!! Be the big person and make the first move and reconcile with that one person that you have had words with or have not spoken to in years. You will feel a lot better after it is all done. I promise. Jo