c'est la moux pas la choux.



Boy have I been a busy Nonna!! It hasn’t stopped since I stepped off the plane!! I wouldn’t change a thing!  Anyway….fast forward to Thursday’s appointment when my daughter went in for her check up.  The dr. told her today is the day they were going to induce her.  They were not expecting that!!  It was good news though, they were soooo ready.  You all don’t want all the details, so I’ll get to the good stuff, here she is:  oh, mom and baby are coming home in just about an hour from now, so got to get this done quick.


before all the screaming and writhing in pain….and miss delilah’s arrival


fresh from you know where….of course, not too happy about it! poor baby.


momma has her now…sorry about the goop they put in her eyes….love the lip!!


the beaming daddy with his baby girl…he’s in big trouble years from now with his two girls!


the lil family, first photo of all 4 together


we had a fashion show, unfortunately nothing fit except this one. lol


the proud nonna….i could eat her up!


wide eyed and bushy tailed, probably keep her momma up all night!!


another close up shot….she looks like her sister here at the same age. lil peanut nose.


her coming home picture, waiting for the doctor to sign her out….molly is waiting in the front window for her mommy and daddy and her sister “yiya” to arrive.  too cute.


Our lil Delilah was born on Friday, June 3 at 1:15 pm.  She weighed 6lbs.  She was 18 and 1/4 in. long.  A very tiny lil pumpkin.  She is healthy though.  No problems whatsoever.  We thought at first that she would arrive by c section but my daughter stuck it out and was very good through it all.  Her idiot anesthesiologist gave her epidural wrong and she only got numb in one leg.  So basically she had natural child birth.  She did wonderful.  So enjoy, and of course, there will be more pics, they are on their way home now.  Got to run!!