c'est la moux pas la choux.


Check out this Lady's Stuff!

Here is another give-a-way folks! And boy are they cutie patootie things too! Check it out here:

This Mom Can Shop

she is giving away some cute tights right now, but also on her sight, she has a ton of other contests going on. you have to go look! have fun!


Rebecca Jo said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! Always excited to meet other people who have a heart for youth & their hearts for Christ! I will pray for your team & teens as well!!!

Am marking your blog as well... its so cute... your babies (even the fur baby) are just precious!
Now - gotta check out the give away!

Mickey Johnson said...

Jo; Wow...love all the culture! We have a special spot in our hearts for Canada, Ireland and Scotland too. My mothers grandfather was the first born here from Nova Scotia and obviously my Josh shows his Irish heritage with his gorgeous red hair. What a wonderful ministry you and your husband are in! I will stay in touch with you! Mickey Johnson of Nicholas Landon