c'est la moux pas la choux.



YEAH!!!  We have a survivor!  She is gonna make it!  Me lil sissy is gonna live to blog another day!  She went in for her colonoscopy this morning and only had diverticulitis.  So all she has to do is EAT MORE FIBER!!!  YEAH!!!   I was a wreck all last night and this morning, as I am sure she was and Di too.  But being 1,500 miles away….well, I wasn’t there to hold her lil paw and so, I was just pacing til I had word.  Anywho, you can all rest easy now, well, at least until she has another test of some sort.  Cuz she still is anemic which means that she is still losing blood somewhere, so they may want to do some other kind of test.  Ehhhhh, the gray hairs I’m earning with this one.  She will probably blog all about it, even with pictures, make sure your NOT eating when you log on, EWWWWW, (only cuz I had pics with mine, NO, I didn’t post mine, YES, she will!) So, until then, me lil buddies, au revoir, and ta ta for now!