c'est la moux pas la choux.


Family Reunion--At Long Last!

Sammy talking to the dolly, telling her what for...
The girls sitting down together watching a girlie movie... being cute.....
Sammy, Jessica, Gramma and Grampa having some of Matt's birthday cake
Matt, the old guy, turning 30, ha ha, trying his best to blow out the few candles we had!! Poor guy!
Jessica, Moo and Jordan coloring Easter eggs...Jin is here too, you just can't see her...
Matt, Grampa and Jin still eating....
The gang around the table....we had to put the kitchen table in with the dining table...too many peeps to fit....Jim, Jonathan, Sammy, Jessica (her chair is empty) Gramma, Matt, Grampa (in corner) Molly, Jin, Jordan and Me, my seat is empty here in front, i'm taking the picture.
Jim, the chef....cutting the brisket....and you can barely see the sashimi rolls, that is raw tuna on rice, you dip in some spicy soy sauce....i don't eat it, the guys and Jin do.
Jonathan and Jessica, she just got her hair cut....like 6 inches chopped off that afternoon!
Molly and Jin, AND Jim's new smoker in the back....his birthday present....
Lil Sammy, Jonathan, and Matt discussing issues of national security....ha ha!
Nonna (me) blowing bubbles (can u see them?) Jordan and Sammy chasing them around
Non, Choux, and Matty shooting the breeze while we wait for dinner

Well, this was our Easter weekend bash.... it was fun....the kids are coming over in a little while for the Easter egg hunt. So....I thought I would get a head start on this so it would be one less thing I would have to post! lol

Matt left this morning....Jin and Molly leave Tuesday....things are starting to get back to normal....which translates BORING!!!! I love having all my kids here. Well, I will still have my son and his babies, but something about having all your chicks in the nest....just a nice comfy feeling....I love it.

Well, enough gloomy talk....today is Easter and spring is sure in the air here. It is almost 80 here....my daughter got sunburned at the beach yesterday....and now I got the beach fever!!! So I will be going some time this week to just lounge and rest....I earned it. This has been a very hectic 2 weeks...fun, but now I need a vacation from my vacation! So I will pack my tatami mat, and my goodie bag, my favorite book, and off I will go to spend the day at the beach. Yup....I am...wanna join me for some rest and rays???