c'est la moux pas la choux.


A New Belly Update!


This was taken today, and is only 5 weeks later then the one I posted before!  Can you believe how big she got in just 5 short weeks?  I told her she was going to have a 15 lb baby!  lol  Jokingly, I said we would call her (the baby belly) the butterball. 




So this is 19 weeks.  And they have thought of several names so far.  Ruby is one of them.  Their daughter likes the show Max and Ruby…..go figure.  They also like the name Cecelia, calling her Cici for short.  And then they like Rosy.  Just plain Rosy.  Plain little simple names.  I went on line and looked up Irish girl’s names, because that is our heritage, (and French too) but his family is Irish too.  They have a very Irish last name.  I spent like 3 hours and sent a list of like 10 names that were so very nice and different.  She liked a few of them.  But I don’t think daddy did.  lol  Oh well….it was fun!  More later!