c'est la moux pas la choux.



Why must they torment me? Why don't they just go away? Who invented them anyway? It has to be some guy with nothing better to do. It is not HORMONAL, I don't have any. I don't smoke. Check that off. I don't drink as much as a priest during communion. (sorry if your Catholic, I used to be, or still am, if you can ever get out of it!) So what gives? Why do some have to suffer the days of misery with a migraine? I have been at home now, off from work, which I love so much, I don't even call it that. I hang out with teenagers in a dorm. That is not work. It is fun. No...they did not give me the headache, when it gets rough, i just go to another room! lol, not really, it isn't that bad there. But really, just SHOOT me it would be less painful! I would rather give birth...the 18 years of the child at home would be so much less painful.

So...Okay, I call the doctor (neurologist) last week when it started. She never called me back. That was Wednesday. I called my regular doctor today, still nothing. I went to the ER over the weekend. They gave me and IV of some crap combination of motrin, zantac, and something for nausea. What the heck!!! Where are the narcotics??? Give me something to knock it out, people!! GEEZ!!! So...I just called the pharmacy and still nothing has been called in from either doctor as they had PROMISED! and now both frikking offices are closed AGAIN!! So another sleepness night with a frikking headache.....hey....where is the nyquil?