c'est la moux pas la choux.


Honey…..I’m Home! And the House is Bootifull!!


Got home Friday at about 3pm, had the most wonderful and relaxing time at me sissy’s house! 





She so loves her dindin!   She will kill me when she sees this!  Well you do love your cooking!  And so do I!  I gained like 15 lbs while I was there! 



We had a party for Chris’ oldest son, Nicholas.  Here is his birth mom, Terri.  The first time I met her.  We had such a good meal, and a great party.  Here is the birthday boy…..my NicNac…..now 26!  Not a little boy any more!




The birthday cake was sooooo freakin good, Chris’ daughter Em made it!  It was all colors inside….I don’t have that pic….but boy was it moist. 


Chris has been keeping you up on her “alien” story, so I won’t bore you with her details.  We had all that going on too, PLUS a bag of chips!  lol  yup we both have the sense of humor, hers is way better. 


Now  for my renovation pictures…if I don’t screw this up, I am going to try and post the before and afters.  So, here we go! 


102_4016 102_4053

before                                                                              after



030 102_4051

before                                                                                                 after


104_2898 102_4052

before                                                                                          after


102_4054 102_4059

they came out kind of dark…but you get the idea.                                                                                            



102_4053 102_4056

these are just a few assorted shots…of course nothing is on the walls yet… gotta do all that yet!                                                                                       


102_4057 102_4055

     well there they be, as it may…i got alot of work to do!