c'est la moux pas la choux.


Happy Birthday Mom

today would of been my mother's 90th birthday had she been alive. she was a wonderful mother, full of life, passion, a zest for living like no other. she could make anything out of nothing, and feed us all for a long time with it. her ingenuity got her far in rearing the four of us children alone. she was a very brave and also prideful person. i think that may of hurt her some, but she did with what she had. i loved her more for that. i miss her so much on these days. memories flood my mind. i miss our talks, our laughs, and yes, our arguments, we had some of those too. we disagreed on plenty of things. but in the important ones, we agreed on. we loved each other. we were family. we are all we had. but my heart is warm when i think of her. i will keep her there always. until we meet again, ma petite maman, je t'aime, ta plus jeune, jojo