c'est la moux pas la choux.



 Morgan, 12 years old
 Freida, 9 years old and Morgan
 Cocoa Puff, 7 years old and Freida
 The 3 girls with alien eyes....
 Freida with no teeth.....
 a bottom view, (she has 1 tooth left in her mouth, from crappy prior owners)
 ha!!! how'd thos get in there!! love it!
 Freida, giving you all some tongue....
 Morgan all snuggled.
The little darlings after grooming with their scarves. 

Ok, are you wienered out?  Have you had enough?  It was so hot out today.....I was having my "dog days of summer."  So I apologize.  It spilled over on here.  Of course, my wieners are real.  None were hurt in the making of this blog.  Please do not attempt to eat one of them....they will bite.  I was nibbling and accidentally nibbled TOO hard.  OOOOOOps,  yeah, not a pretty sight.  Poop everywhere........yeah.  The wieners didn't want to be seen with ME!!!!!   hahahaha!!  Nah, I didn't poop, silly.  Anyway, they are just for decoration and petting....NOT FOR EATING.