c'est la moux pas la choux.


Moving Right Along...

As we get ready to depart this place we have been for the last 5 years, we contemplate many things. Are we doing the right thing? Is it a smart move financially? Where will we be 10 years from now? What about the kids, they will be so far away?

Then I got to thinking...we prayed about this move. It's what we do about every major thing we do in our lives. We had a peace about it. So no matter what may come, God will handle the rest. So now, I have to make myself believe this. This is the time that doubt and satan come in and do battle in my brain and cause me to question everything. So, as easily as it gets in there, I have to remember my 1st decision and GET IT OUT!! My bloggy buds, please remember us as we are traveling the next 3 days. My husband and I, our daughter, and her 1 year old, and our dachshund. 1 big 26' truck, and our SUV, driving 12 hrs across the Smokey Mountains, into NC all the way to the coast. Then we have to find a house, sell a house, find a job, and take care of his dad in the nursing home. Not in that order, of course. So...we have our work cut out for us. I may not have time to post, but I will do what I can to keep you updated. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. Jo


Looking around the house to downsize....

So...as we are packing, I am looking at all the junk I have collected over the last 27 years. That is just my married life. Not counting before, my 21 years of collecting crap. And there was alot then too. My daughter, God bless her, is here, helping us move, along with her baby. I get to watch the baby more and she gets to do more of the work. But she is "helping" me go through things. Or should I say, get rid of things. "Mom, this is like from when I was 8, you don't need it anymore. And this is so old, Gramma would throw it out!" Then she went into my closet! OMG, I thought I would slap her silly! Poor little Molly, that is my grandaughter. I thought she would be an orphan. Or at least motherless, by the time she was through. She got rid of over half of my things! She had the nerve to say I had no taste in clothes! And....that I didn't need all 78 pair of shoes. How dare she! Well, I did want to downsize. But sheesh, couldn't we throw away the couch and chairs and get new ones? Or maybe order new linens and stuff? Why of why attack my poor wardrobe? What did it do to her? I asked her, "Are you from that show, 'What not to Wear' secretly coming here pretending to help me move? Because this is NOT funny!! Anyway, Jin is still alive, bless her, and I have way less clothes. And somewhere, sometime, someone will get alot of nice clothes and shoes. Mostly, new....dad gummit, and mostly my favorites!!!! I'll get even!!! I will!!



But packing is what I need to do...YUCK!!!

Packing, packing, packing...very slowly

Moving right along, yes...very slowly, but surely. Boxes everywhere...coming out of every crevice in the house. I have never seen so much junk! Where did it all come from? This is not all mine! Where did I buy all these beanie babies, and WHY? Who in the world has 3 large bottles of orange listerine? Why do I have a case of dryer sheets? I also found like 14 suitcases in my spare bedroom!! Some I never have seen before! What is going on here? And who is putting all this stuff in my house? My husband asked me, "what are you doing with a laundry basket full of yarn?" Where in the heck did that come from? OMG, it's raining craploads of CRAP in my house! Someone make it stop, and now I have to pack it all and pay to take it with me? Oh, HECK NO, look out, Good Will, Salvation Army, here I be coming!! I'll be renting my 18 wheeler and lugging this all in. all 12 loads! This week! Right after I go through it all and see what I wanna keep! LOL! Jo


Has Spring Sprung?

What a wonderful day to go for a swim! Well not for me, but for these little babies here. I found these little guys on a web site, and thought they were the cutest!! I have them participating in all kinds of activities! So...you will see them enjoying all me blogs. Hope you do too! Have a happy Springy day!

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Renewing in many ways....

Well, it is Spring time, and with that comes Easter and a season of reflecting on what this all means. I think it is a renewing of many sorts. First and foremost, Easter...the time when Jesus came, suffered, died, and ROSE on the third day. HE IS ALIVE!! For that reason, we all may live. As believers, this is the foundation of our faith. THE ULTIMATE IN RENEWING!! Next, we have, Spring, with it comes all the rains and all the new born flowers, trees, birth of all that has slept all winter long. The rejuvenation of all that is green! With new smells, new vigor and strength, buds and stems are pushing their way through to show their vibrant colors and babies are being born to all manner of animals. This is new life in it's simplest form. The renewing of the species. One of my most favorite times of the years. And....as this all is happening...I feel like I am "renewing" myself in that this move is a new beginning also. A new adventure. Another chapter in our lives that is yet to be written. And what a perfect time of year to do it in, as all is coming into their own "new chapters" also. The new smells, the new sights, the new sounds of a new place. Arriving in a new season.... Jo


may you be blessed with all of the luck o' the irish.


Made it Home..Now to Packing!

Never thought I would appreciate the Air Force for this reason before. Yes, I thank them for all they sacrifice for us, my husband was one of them. Gave twenty one years, my father-in-law also gave 21 years, plus another 13 again for civil service, then my daughter served in the Air Force before, during and after the war and beyond for 6 years. The sacrifices are many, and YES the prices are very, very high. We moved a total of 5 times, (some of those don't include multiple moves on the base from house to house!) once out of the country, and we SURVIVED! BUT what I would like to thank the military for that some may not know is those in the background....the MOVERS!! Yes, now that I have to move AGAIN, and have to pack all this up AGAIN, I would like to salute you, the one's that make it all happen when they say we gotta go now, you get us or now them, there in one piece. Well, mostly in one piece. I have only had a very few broken items in all my 21 one years. They know their stuff. Again, thanks for your hard and back breaking work! I'M HAVING TO DO IT NOW!!!


Please be patient, me bloggy pals, I'm MOVING!

hey all! i know i haven't posted in a bit. i have had to leave on medical emergency to my husband's family home in NC. his dad is really bad off, and now we must leave KY and go there to be with his parents. they are in their 70's and need him now. his dad will more than likely leave the hospital for a convalecent home. so we have to work out all the legal things for his mom and such. but i will keep up and keep posted here and there. take care me lil bloggy buddies. i will be checking in and reading in on yours to make time go by. and i will post as i can. blog on....jo


Ahhh, Music Soothes the Soul, the Heart, Mind, Ears

This has not been a very good week, so in looking back, I think, my heart, mind, soul and my ears need a good purging. Yes...a good "Spring Cleaning," if you will. Music has always done that for me. So I have added a little addition to my page to help "keep me focused" on what is important. Also...on top of that awful week long black week of migraine...I now have a double ear infection. I have decided the music will soothe this savage beast. It may also be pleasing to my reader also, so as you read, and browse sit and listen, these are a few songs that have special meaning and are very powerful for me. They lift when you are down. Encourage when defeated, and most of all soothe when ruffled as I was. So, bloggy friends, enjoy, from me to you. And if you would like to add music to your page you can download the player at the bottom by clicking on it and following the links. 8)


Stupid, stupid, stupid and then more stupid!

i thought these were pretty funny....but mostly stupid. i laughed so hard, tears in my eyes, then realized, someone actually made these. they actually took the time, spent real money, wasted energy, used good serviceable things on STUPID STUFF!! it totally makes me so mad that there people out there that do that when we have kids starving, some without shelter and clothes or medicines they need. and here they are wasting resources on stupid stuff!! how dumb can they be??? well....that was my ranting and raving for today....not that it did any good. but by golly....i put my foot down hard and i meant every word and i typed it hard too!! dang it!!