c'est la moux pas la choux.



are you kidding me? you really thought i meant that i was pregnant at my age? you silly blogger, what are you drinking? i'm having company come from italy, of course!! didn't you know that is what i meant? my baby of 24 and her baby of 10 months, she will kill me if she knew i called her that, is coming for a month in march. jennifer is my daughter, molly is my grand daughter. they will stay here for the month. molly will turn one either while she is here or a few days just before she gets here. one of the cute things they have done as you can see by the pictures is, they started calling her molly moo~moo. so people started giving her cow things. well they just continued the theme and it grew. now she is MOO everything. so, i dedicate this blog to my moo~moo molly, in her honor of just being the cutest cow. now, don't get me wrong, i love my other two grands just as much, jordan is my "lady~bug, and samuel has not gotten his label yet. but it will come! along with his blog. for now....rest assured, i must go clean and prepare my humble home for a toddler and her mommy the inspector. lol so all you grannies out there, grab up the babies and squeeze them and kiss them all since i can't, but watch out, when march gets here, or when i go down to knoxville to see my other two....there will be some major baby eating done. LOL jo I HAVE KISSES AND I AM NOT AFRAID TO USE THEM!!


Granny on the Web said...

I can hear the excitement already! I find that family coming to stay is the best motivation to get all that clear-out work I have been putting off. Lick and a promise is what the house gets most days! it needs a 'good-bottoming' as my old mum used to say.( I think that is an old term for getting to the deep down dirt hiding in the cracks.)
Love Granny

jo.irish.rose said...

you said it best granny, i love the motivation it gives us when we know we have to get it done by this certain time. it keeps us on schedule and on task. i am renovating a back bath and have been procrastinating, so this was the boost i needed. and also for the spring cleaning that never got done last year. oops, thanks for the pep talk! love, jo