c'est la moux pas la choux.



I didn’t know if it was or not, because when I finished physical therapy, my hubby told me to go to the car dealer and try out this little number and see if I like it:


only mines in white…lol


so, I drove it and he bought it, and I screamed and kissed him, and now I have a freaking 2012, Hyundai Accent!!  It was just unloaded off the truck because the dealer sold all their 2011’s.  I have the only one in town.  It is loaded and they gave us such a good deal.  Plus, being Memorial day week-end, and us being retiree military peeps….they gave us a discount for that too.  Anyone going in that is military gets a discount this weekend!  So cool!


I hadn’t planned on getting this kind of car.  I wanted a VW Beetle.  But then my hubby and I talked and he thought I could get more car for my money.  We talked about different kinds.  This car has 100,000 miles or 10 years  for warranty.  Pretty good, eh?  Can’t beat that with a stick.  The only down side?  I gotta leave the girl for a month while I’m in FL with my new baby….oh well, when I get back….watch out, baby!!! I’m going on a BIG road trip, look out mama!! We are taking off!!  So, yeah, it looks like Christmas came early at my house….not only did I get a new car, but I am also getting a new baby, and who knows what else Santa will get me.  Geez….I have been a good girl….someone has been watching….tee hee!