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Feeling a Bit Rough

Well, I have it again. And again, on my 3 day break. I can not believe that I have the darn crud AGAIN, not only on my 3 days off, but this whole last week leading to them! I feel so crappy, like I got run over by a semi. Achy, stuffy head, sinus, full ears where you can feel the liquid in them, fever....need I say any more? Geez, I have been taking benadryl, sudafed, tylenol and every homeopath friends tell me about. Zicam is like water for me. I can take 2 benadryls, nothing. My immune system must be lacking in something. This is probably my third one of the season. And I have had my flu shot! What gives? C'mon, I just wanted to stay home and clean and do junk around the house. Give me a frikkin' break! Wait!!! I don't mean that! I may end up actually breaking something! ;) Anyhoo, if that was not bad enough, as I was flossing my teeth, I pulled 2 crowns out!! So, now I get to not only go to the Dr. on my day off, but a trip to my dentist as well. Fun, fun. Sucks to be me. My one good thing I am looking forward to? The bean soup recipe I got from a fellow blogger, thanks again Ruth, I will let you all know how it turns out. The rest of you...thanks for letting me vent. It may bring the fever down. :/ Jo

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C said...

paux tite tooneski! come over here and i'll take care ofyou with me one good arm. paux tite crrrrrrotte. make sure you roll the r's.
what bean soup? i want some. send me the recipe.
i have a bag'obeens justa waitin to be berled. lemme have some now.

eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy mo.

je t'aime,

hows jimboobs parents?