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when life is a lil stressfull, just…..let.it. go!!!


FIL update

I really gotta post more.  lol  Thot I would update the world on my  FIL.  It was pretty bad the last couple of days.  Yesterday, the doctor came in and basically told us we had to make a decision.  For those who don’t know, my father in law is in the hospital for what started out as a very bad urinary tract infection.  Then this became septic.  There were two strains of infection.  One was E. coli, the other, unidentifiable. They treated him with all the known antibiotics they normally do.  He responded at first.  Then around the fourth or so day, he went backward.  So that is when they told my husband and his mom to decide if they wanted to proceed with treatment.  He is a 77 year old man, who does not want heroic measures taken if his heart should stop or he gets a terminal illness.  They asked my FIL if he wanted to go “home” (he lives at the nursing home) or stay at the hospital to receive treatment.  If he went home, he would be made comfortable with hospice.  That would be all.  He chose the treatment.  We will hope and pray he continues to heal.  So far, his white cell count is good, tomorrow they will check his kidney function.  If he continues this course, he may just have this beat.  If the infection does not respond to this antibiotic, then they will have to send him back to the home on hospice.  Please pray for whatever God’s plan is for our lil family.  It has been quite a rough couple of years.  Thanks guys.


Update On My Family

Chris is a bit weak today.  That is due to low red blood hemoglobin.  She is receiving blood today and should go home tonight.  She is in shock that she has had a heart attack.  As we are.  My brother has too, Several years ago, only he was only 48.  And he quadruple bypass surgery.  Thankfully, my sister didn’t need that. 


this was taken just before dennis’ bypass surgery.


My dad in law is about the same.  He looked a bit better today.  I guess all the extra fluids made him look better, I hope he is feeling better where he can go back to his “home” at the nursing facility.  He does better when he is a routine.   Anyway, I appreciate all your prayers and support for our family.  On another note….I found out this morning my other sister’s son is also having some medical issues.  When it rain’s it pours!!  He went to the ER this morning.  He will be having an endoscopy and colonoscopy this week.  He is only 22.  Very young to have all that happening.  Bless him.  Thanks again for all your bloggy love!!

On Me Sister Midwestern Mama

Well, some of you know my sister C, Midwestern Mama With a New York Heart, she suffered a mild heart heart attack last night.  She is doing much better now that she had surgery and had a stent put in.  Of course she will write and give all the good and gory details as she lovingly does.  I just wanted to let everyone that reads me that mostly reads her know.  I know you will be praying and sending good thoughts her way.  She had been having chest pain all week and taking her nitroglycerine.  Well, on Friday night it didn’t seem to go away.  They went to the ER.  After doing the preliminary tests, Diane went home.  The enzymes came back positive and C called her.  The did the heart catherization in the morning.  Her blockage was 90%.  It was the same blockage she had last time that they could not reach that was 40% blocked.  The got it this time, the lil booger. She will have to change diet and excercise per doctors orders.  On another note, the same day, my father in law went into the ER this morning with an acute bladder and kidney infection.  He is in the nursing home here and has to wear a catheter.  He is prone to urinary tract infections a lot.  When my husband got to the nursing home this morning, his foley bag was full of blood!!  Well they transported him by ambulance and have been in the ER all day.  They decided to keep him and treat him aggressively for dehydration and bladder and kidney infections.  Today was a very stressful day….hope you all had a better weekend!!  Ours should go better from this point on I think.  Happy Valentines peoples!!!


So I Need Your Opinion….please

I am getting rid of the ole ball and chain….I’ve had her for 5 years now.  She was a good old bird.  But she is just too darn much for me anymore.  She is big, expensive, hard to maneuver…and just well, BIG!  I’m talking about my truck.  Not my MIL, sorry.  She may need to go soon too, but my husband may be attached to her a bit.  lol


Well this is what I am thinking of getting…




This isn’t the actual car or anything….they are just ones that I like.  Cute, huh?  I have always wanted a bug.  We owned one when I was growing up, back in the day…well they looked alot different then.  I have wanted one since then.  Then my middle sister got one last year.  No doubt she will think that I am copying her.  lol  Imitation is the best form of compliment, only I was with her when she bought it and I told her that I had planned on getting one.  Hers was a spur of the moment impulse buy. 


Anyway, this is a cheaper form of travel…easier to park….and not to mention, SO DARN CUTE!!!  And I want your opinion, what do you think?  Don’t be afraid….I wanna know….